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1. What is Driver?

A device driver or a hardware driver is a small programs or files that allow operating system to communicate with your computer’s hardware. Windows need device drivers to communicate with hardware devices. Without drivers, your system can not speak to devices, such as video card, audio card. Computer can not be working well when lacking device drivers.

2. Why I need the latest Drivers?
3. Could I update drivers manually?
4. What is Driver Easy?
5. Is Driver Easy Safe?
6. Does Driver Easy keep its Database Daily Update?
7. Is Driver Easy Free?
8. Is Driver Easy Professional worth registering?
9. Is there any personally identifiable information collected when using Driver Easy?
10. What operating system does Driver Easy support?
11. Does Driver Easy offer help or support?
12. Is it safe when I try to buy Driver Easy on line?
13. What if I do not satisfy with Driver Easy?
14. How can I buy Driver Easy Professional online?
15. What is difference between Consumer License and Technician License?
16. What about the valid for Consumer License and Technician license?
17. What if my license key is expired?
18. What is “Unplugged” device?
19. How can I uninstall Driver Easy from my computer?
20. What If I still have technical problems, or I need help with my purchase, or driver questions?
21. Can I use Driver Easy in my Windows 64-bit System?
22. Is my system applicable to use Driver Easy? What’s the minimum system requirement?
23. Can Driver Easy run on my Mac or Linux system?
24. How to review the new driver and current installed driver?
25. What is universal license?
26. What if I forget my Driver Easy License key?
27. What about Driver Easy download speed?
28. What is Computer Technician License?
29. What are Consumer / Business License?
30. Can Driver Easy support backup or restore feature?
31. What is the refund policy?
32. Will Driver Easy charge my card automatically when the license key is expired in a second year?
33. What is Driver Easy professional (Speed Limited)?
34. Can Driver Easy support win 8.1?