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  • System Requirement
- Windows XP, Vista,  7, 8, 8.1 (both 32-bit & 64-bit)
- Pentium III or higher
- 128 MB of available RAM
- 25 MB of free Hard Disk space
- Internet Connection to Download Driver
- .NET Framework 2.0


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What is Driver Easy Professional (Speed Limited)? | Print |

Driver Easy Professional(Speed Limited) is not an official released version. It is a version that has been modified and released on the Internet by a third party, which, in some places, is called a cracked version.

We believe the Professional(Speed Limited) version was provided by some people out of good faith, and there is currently no evidence showing that Professional(Speed Limited) version will damage your system. However, we have found out that some websites have repackaged Professional (Speed Limited), with a file size that has exceeded the size that it should be. We are unable to verify if these repackaged products include other harmful software, viruses or adware.

As we must pay expensive server bandwidth fees, we can only offer the dedicate server with the paid Professional Version, for users to enjoy high-speed download services. The Professional (Speed Limited) and Free Version utilize a similar download server and bandwidth.

We strongly recommend that you buy our paid version to enjoy high-speed download services.