Help for Driver Easy 5.0

The Three Line Menu Icon

You may see the three line menu icon next to the Update button. Click on it, and a slide menu will pop up. You can select View Details, Delete, Open File Location or Hide this Update from the menu.

View Details

Click View Details and you will get the detailed driver information.


This option is for you to delete the downloaded driver files if you want (You can perform this only if the driver is downloaded).

Open File Location

After the driver download completes, the downloaded driver files will be saved to a location. Click “Open File Location” then the downloaded driver folder will be opened (You can perform this only if the driver is downloaded).

Hide this Update

If you don’t want to update the driver, you can choose to hide the current update. Click “Hide this Update”, then the driver update will be hidden. You can choose to show them again by using Hidden Device feature. Or the update for this driver will show again automatically when newer version released.