When your device doesn’t work properly with your computer, you may need to update the device driver. You can use Windows Update to update the drivers automatically. If you have a disk came with the device which contains the driver, you can use it to update the driver. In some cases, these two ways won’t help. Then you need to find and install the driver manually.

To avoid the potential installation incompatibilities, first thing you need to do is locating the appropriate driver. You can go to the device manufacturer’s website or the computer manufacturer’s website and download the driver they provide.

Some drivers have installation (.exe) file. You can just double-click on the installation file and follow the on-screen instructions to install the driver.

For drivers without installation file, you need to manually install the driver step by step. The steps can be different for different operating systems. Following links are for your reference how to install drivers manually. Click on the link depending on your need.

How to update drivers in Windows 10

Install a driver in Windows XP

Install a driver in Windows Vista

Install a driver in Windows 7

Install a driver in Windows 8, 8.1

After you spend minutes or even hours searching online, you finally find the correct driver. Then you still need to spend time on installing the driver. You can imagine how much time will be wasted on updating a driver. For less experienced users, you may be even not sure if the driver you find are correct.

Fortunately, there is an easier and faster way you can use to update drivers. You can use a driver update tool to help you. Driver Easy is a well-known driver update tool which helps update drivers automatically. It takes only several seconds to install a driver. You just need three clicks to install the driver by using Driver Easy. If you want to save much time on updating drivers, you can use Driver Easy.