Active Directory Domain Services Unavailable [Solved]

By Jonny Lin in Common Errors Tags: Windows

You may encounter Active Directory Domain Services unavailable error when you are a Windows user, especially when you are trying to use a printer. You may attempt to print your Word document but unfortunately get the error message that says “The Active Directory Domain Services is currently unavailable“. This is frustrating especially when you have to print something urgently needed.

The Active Directory Domain Services unavailable error has different causes, but it usually occurs when something is wrong with your Office, your printer configuration or services, or your permissions on your computer.

Here is how to fix this error:

1) Reinstall your Office

2) Configure your printer

3) Check related printer service

4) Enable permissions

1) Reinstall your Office

If you come across the Active Directory Domain Services unavailable error when using Microsoft Office, the problem may come from the software itself. You can perform a complete re-installation of your Office to fix the problem.

a) Go to Microsoft Office support website.

b) Scroll down, select the version of Office you are using, and click on Download button below.

c) Open the file you downloaded and follow the instruction to complete the uninstallation process.

d) After that, reinstall your Office programs with your Office installation media or by downloading them from Microsoft.

2) Configure your printer

You need to properly configure your printer before you use it.

a) Ensure your printer is correctly connected to your computer.

b) Install and update all the drivers related to your printer. This is important because your printing devices cannot function normally without proper and updated drivers installed. You may need to download the credible driver from your device manufacturer.

Driver installation and update can usually be a tricky and time-consuming work, so we recommend you to use Driver Easy for the sake of convenience. Its free version can easily scan out the problematic drivers and download the credible drivers you need.

Its Pro version can help you update the drivers quickly. It is a professional computer driver tool, which can help you tackle various driver issues and save you much time and energy.

c) After the driver is updated, press Win + R and type in control“. Then hit OK.

d) On Control Panel, click on Devices and Printers.

e) Click on Add a printer.

f) A Window will pop up and search for any available printer. Follow the instruction to add the device to your computer.

3) Check related printer service

Some services are necessary for the using of printing devices. You should check the status of these services, especially Printer Spooler service, to ensure your printer functions normally.

a) Press Win + R and type in services.msc“. Then hit OK.

b) On Services window, scroll down and find Print Spooler. Double click on it to open this service.

c) Check the Startup type and Service status of this service. Its Startup type should be set to Automatic. If its Service status is Stopped, press Start button. If it is Running, restart this service by pressing Stop and then Start.

d) Hit OK to close the window. Now, try printing something with your printer to see if you meet the error message again.

4) Enable permissions

Sometimes the Active Directory Domain Services Unavailable error can be caused by related permissions disabled. You need to take the permissions in order to make your printer work normally.

(Warning: The following steps will change your Windows Registry and may result in unexpected consequences. It is strongly recommended that you back up your Registry before you proceed.)

a) Log in your Windows as Administrator.

b) Press Win + R and type in “regedit” to open Registry Editor.

c) Navigate to HKEY_CURRENT_USER\Software\Microsoft\Windows NT\CurrentVersion.

d) Under CurrentVersion category, find Devices, PrinterPorts and Windows. Right-click on each of them, and then select Permissions to apply permissions change shown below to each of these categories.

e) On Permissions dialog, select ALL APPLICATION PACKAGES, and then check the Allow box of Full Control. Then hit OK.

f) After you change permissions of all of the categories above, you can try printing something with your printer and see if it works.