Lenovo E560 Drivers Download in Windows 10

Eric Xu, in Driver Download
In this article we share some tips about where to download drivers for Lenovo E560 PC in Windows 10 fast and easily.

1. From the manufacturer’s website

a) Download drivers from Lenovo’s official support website here. Manual search or auto detect your product.


b) Click on Driver & Software after setting up your product.


c) Pick your current OS, search for any device from the Component drop down list and then click the Download File icon. 


d) Open and install downloaded files following instructions.

2. System Device Manager

a) Press Win + R  together to  open the “Run” dialog, enter devmgmt.msc.


 b) For any devices, right click and select Update Driver Software…


c) Select Search automatically for updated driver software,

d) Following instructions and finish the process.

Note that sometimes the process could be not user friendly and time consuming, we recommend using professional driver managing tool like DriverEasy to help you effectively.

DriverEasy helps efficiently manage drivers for update and repair. It  will automatically notify you of latest driver updates and install in background. 



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