Getting a “blue” screen when being on several web sites

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Error Situation:

I am on a regular basis getting a “blue” screen – from when I’m on several web sites 


The screen shot:

blue screen

Reason for error:

The blue screen issue caused due to failed Display Driver recovery.


Methord to solve this problem:

1. Right click on Computer in desktop. Select Manage.

2. Click Device Manager in left side.

3. Expand Display adapters. Right click on the Graphics device then click Uninstall.

Once the Graphic Driver has been uninstalled, restart your computer to take it effect.


Contact Us:

Driver Easy Technical Customer Support provides further assistance to assist Professinal User regarding driver issues. 

As Driver Easy Professional User, Please feel free to email us with Following information to if you need further help.

1. Press Windows key and R (at the same time)

2. Type msinfo32.exe in. Click OK.

3. Click File in menu bar

4. Select Export to save it as a file. Then please send this file to us

Following Screen shot is for your reference.


Thank you.

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