How to Record and Edit Videos with Camtasia – Getting Started

By Sophie Luo in CamtasiaVideo Editing Tags: Camtasiavideo editing

We have covered Camtasia, the professional screen recorder and editor that is easy-to-use even for newbies, before. You can visit this web page for more detailed information. 

In this post, we will cover some of the very basic features that we can use to create a video with Camtasia, i.e., the video recording and editing. The good thing about Camtasia is, you can choose to share your video clip to YouTube and send the link to your friends or just store it to your USB flash drive for your own use. 

Please note that if you are using free trail version, you cannot resort the edited video clips to market use. 

Let’s see what we can do to record the screen and edit what we record! 

1) Open Camtasia. We choose New Project here. Then wait for it to open. 

We are using Camtasia 9, whose display might be a little bit different from its previous versions. But the basic work-arounds remain the same. 

2) Press Ctrl + R keys together. Or you can hit the Record button on the top left corner. This will open a new recorder window. 

3)  You will see this new window on the bottom right corner of your desktop. Hit the red rec button to start the recording if you are ready. You can choose the hot key F9 to start recording as well. 

As you can see, there are some features that you can choose here. By moving your cursor to the dot under Custom, you can choose to record a custom area. And by moving your cursor under the dots under Camera off and Audio off, you can turn your camera and video recorder on.  

4) When you finish recording, hit F10 to end. You will see the video clip in Media Bin, on the canvas and on the timeline. 

We only record the scree with no audio, so you only see one track in the timeline. If you record the video and audio at the same time, you will see the audio track at the above. 

5) Now, you can hit the Space button on your keyboard or hit the Play button on Camtasia to preview your clip. 

6) If you see any mistakes, you can trim your clip. Click the timeline (it will be highlighted with a yellow rectangular), and then scrub over the timeline by dragging the playhead.

You will be able to see an arrow icon indicating that you can drag. If you trim too much, you can drag the clip back to restore your video. 

7) If the mistake is in the middle, drag the handle on the playhead and hit the Delete button on your keyboard to remove the section. Or you can click the scissors icon above the timeline to remove it. 

You will see a stitched line showing you where the media was removed. 

8) If you want to make the palyhead back together, double click the playhead. 

9) If you want to have a better look at your recording, you can use the zoom slider. 

10) You can also drag other animations to the timeline to add more movements to your video clip. When the animation is added, you will be able to see a down arrow at the bottom of the clip that you have chosen. Click the icon and you will see the effect. 

11) When you finish editing, press Ctrl + S to save your project. You will see the notification if this is the first time you save a video. 

12) If you want to share the clip with others, just click the Share button on the top right corner and choose the right path for you.