Fix Samsung Usb Driver Issues for Mobile Phones

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You’ve got your new Samsung Galaxy 7 and you’re ready to import your favorite music to your phone from your PC. But then you’re told MTP USB Device failed – Bummer! So here today we have some tips for you to handle this awkward situation, it’s no brainer, just follow some simple steps. 

Try this before doing any other thing.

First of all, if you have not only one USB port in your PC, obviously, try another one. Then, make sure you have toggled the Media device MTP option on your phone. To select a USB connection protocol (the path may be different): Settings > Storage > Menu > USB computer connection. 

At last, update your USB device driver. If you still don’t have a clue as to how to update a driver, for example, check this out. 

So far you tried another port and updated driver but still not helping. No worries, the following technique should really help bring your favorite music in your PC to your phone in a fastest manner. 

a) Open Device Manager, right click on the problematic device  (usually it’s under “other deivces),  select Update Driver Software…

b) Select Browse my computer for driver software.


c) Select Let me pick from a list of device drivers on my computer

d) Find and select “Mobile devices” (or may appear as “Android phone”) from the list.

e) Select MTP USB Device

It should then successfully install the driver and your phone will appear in Windows Explorer. 

To manage  your drivers efficiently, we use DriverEasy which will automatically notify you of latest driver updates and install in background fast and easily. 



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