Recover Photos from Your Android Device (With or Without Backup)

By Jonny Lin in Others Tags: AndroidData Recovery

Many Android mobile device users have encountered such an issue — they have lost their photos on their cellphone or tablet. These can happen because they have accidentally deleted their photos or the photos are lost for an unknown reason.

If you are facing the same issue, this can be very scary. Those lost photos are your very precious memory or very important for your work. You want to get them back but you don’t know how. And it seems impossible.

In fact, your photos can still be recovered. You can do so with or without backup. You can try the following two methods and see if you can get your photos back.

IMPORTANT: Do NOT paste any files or install any application onto your device, or your photos will be overwritten and it will be more difficult to restore them.

Here are the methods you can try:

  1. Use your cloud storage service to recover your photos
  2. Try a data recovery program or service


Method 1: Use your cloud storage service to recover your photos

There are various cloud storage services that can help you store your files online. They include Google Drive and Dropbox. If you are in the habit of backing up your photos using these services, your are in luck. You can restore your photos very quickly on your Android device with no trouble.

To recover your photos, just sync your device to the cloud service you use. Then let the application download your photos onto your mobile device. Your photos will soon be restored.


Method 2: Try a data recovery program or service

If you don’t happen to back up your photos using any cloud service, you should try data recovery to get your photos back. You can seek help from a data recovery program or a service provider.

To find a really helpful program or service, you need to do some research on the Internet. Try several computer programs or mobile applications and find out the one that really works for you. Or search on the Internet for the data recovery service providers near you. Compare the prices they offer, the services they provide and their reputations. Be extra careful, as the more trustworthy a data recovery program or service provider is, the more likely it is to recover your Android device data.