Fix Dell Inspiron N5050 Black Screen Issue

Eric Xu, in Technical Tips
An outdated or incompatible version of BIOS may cause a black screen which prevents user from successfully log into their PC. Affected machine models known include: Inspiron N5050, N5110, N4050, N311z and Vostro 1550, 1450, 3550, 3350, 131. Following method below to update to the latest version of BIOS could potentially help solve the problem.

First, download the available BIOS update file according to your machine model from the manufacturer’s website here


Run the application file to apply the update.

If you are not able to log in and see your screen already, then you may need to connect to a second monitor or TV in order to perform the update. Connect an external monitor or TV to the computer using the VGA or HDMI ports. 
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