The sound keeps going in and out as were skyping

By Nancy in Common ErrorsSound Card

Error situation:


The sound keeps going in and out as were skyping. Sometimes it works, sometimes it doesn’t.


Cause for this problem:


Network is not working well


Some problems on Speaker setting


Fix this issues by following steps:


1. Please make sure the network is working well when you are skyping.

2. Please right click on the Speaker icon in bottom right corner of the computer and then choose Recording Devices.



3. Right click on the Microphone device and then click Properties.



4.Please check on Listen tab. If Listen to this device is ticked, please remove the tick. Then please click Apply.  



5.Then please click on Levels tab.  Adjust the Microphone boost to 0.0 dB and Microphone to the middle level. Click Apply button to finish adjustment.



6.If Enhancements tab shows in Microphone Properties, please click on Enhancements tab.


Please tick Disable all sound effects. Then click Apply button.  If not, please ignore this step.



7.Please click on Advanced tab. Tick the following options. Then click on Apply button.




Contact Us:


Driver Easy Technical Customer Support provides further assistance to assist Professinal User regarding driver issues. 


As Driver Easy Professional User,Please feel free to email us with your error screen shot to if you need further help.


Thank you.