Video Editors: Best Online Video Editing Tools on Windows 2017

By Sophie Luo in Video Editing Tags: video editor

Do you want to show an own-made video clip on your friends birthday party to show him/her how much you appreciate your friendship? Do you want to create your own memories by showing your children how they grow up? Do you want to show your potential users how good your product is by adding a video presentation to your website? 

Well, what if I tell you making your own video clips is easier than you think? Don’t call me a liar first, read on and you’ll see how editing your own video clips has become so much easier than ever. 

There were not many non-professionals who were familiar with video editing tools before, mainly because they were rather complicated to learn and use. Just the design of many video editing tools scared off many people, me included, since it was always too overwhelmed to learn how all the buttons on the editing window work. What a bummer. 

As time goes by, more and more people find it necessary to master video editing skills. Maybe because it’s cool, or because it actually helps with work and life. Either way, it never harms to learn something new. 

Just as what people say, necessity gives birth to innovations and creations. Many companies and developers have seen this need and bam! They rolled out hundreds of video editors one after another. These video editors have their own characteristics and target at different groups of people. 

Moving forward, they released online video editor as well, many of them are free to use, making it so much easier to edit your videos without downloading the editor to your computer. 

YouTube Video Editor was one. But unfortunately, as of 20th, September 2017, it’s no longer available. 

Apart from YouTube Video Editor, there are many other alternatives. Here in this post, we will show you the top 3 of them. No need for you to download the editors, just use them online to make your unique videos! 

Top 1: Online Video cutter
Top 2: Movie maker online
Top 3: Clipchamp

Top 1: Online Video cutter

Online Video Cutter is the first online video editing tool we recommend. It’s very easy to use, especially for Chrome users: you just need to add its plugin to your browser and start your editing project. 

It provides most of the basic features you need in video editing: rotation, cropping, changing formats, trimming, and above all, it’s totally free to use. No license or extra features that require extra charge.  

You can upload your local videos for editing, or choose the file from your Google Driver, either way, just make it’s size under 500MB. 

That said, it doesn’t provide you with features such as adding audio or sound track, or adding transitions to your video. You can only do with what you have on hand. If you just need a tool for your video cutting, this is the one for you. But if you’re looking for more, read on and find more options. 

Top 2: Movie Maker Online

You must have heard of Movie Maker Online if you have searched for online video editors before.

It’s a rather powerful tool that allows you to upload photos, videos and music to make your own videos. To be fair, it’s abundant features and functions makes it closest to a professional video editor. If you want a tool that do amazing things such as adding music and your own photos to your video, you must go with Movie Maker Online. 

For all its features, it’s actually very easy to use, and even if you’re not a tech savvy, you can easily grasp its usage by referring to the clear instructions at the bottom half of the web page. 

Just as any other video editors, it allows you to crop, change formats, add texts, and transitions to your videos. It even offers a series of filters, free images and music pieces for you to add more sense to your video. 

A smaller reminder though, you need to disable your Adblockers to use this website. And there are some confusing ads at the top, but once you get a little bit more familiar with its design, you’ll get used to the ads. 

If you want your videos to have more dazzling features, Movie Maker Online should be your go-to option. 

Top 3: Clipchamp

Different from the previous two online video editors, Clipchamp offers you another option: screen recording. If you’re a blogger or a teacher, and try to show your audience what you are doing on your computer screen, this tool comes in handy. 

It offers more options and settings than the previous two editors as well: trimming, rotating, adjusting brightness or contrast. These tools make you feel more like a professional. 

These are only the features available in its free version. The free version has some limits, for instance, your videos are limited to 5 minutes and shorter. 

If you really like this tool, and you think it’s the perfect choice for you, feel free to upgrade it to the premium versions, which costs $7.5 per month.