How to Upgrade to Windows 10 (Nov 2016)

Eric Xu, in Technical Tips
Let’s say that you missed the upgrade and you regret it… well probably not. But still, if you decide to join the Windows 10 party now and have a few moments to spare, here’s how to do it.

Before you do anything, make sure that your PC hardware is capable of running Windows 10, it’s available for Windows 7/8 users. 


Download the Windows 10 Upgrade Installer

Download and open the MediaCreationTool from here. Accept license terms if you will.


Then continue to select Upgrade this PC now.


Wait for the downloading process to finish, could take up to a few hours depending on your internet network bandwidth.


Until asked to read and accept (if you will) License terms again.


Then wait again until it says Ready to install.


Click on install, sit back and do something else for the process to complete.


During the installation, your PC will restart itself at least several times so relax and come back later. If you already make sure your PC meets the system requirement of Windows 10 then you wouldn’t get in any trouble.


After you’re done installing Windows 10, it’s not uncommon that you will encounter some compatibility issue with your drivers. Your previous driver software which is built for the previous OS, might be outdated due to the upgrade, and thus will need an update as well in order to run compatibly. To update and manage your driver software effortlessly we recommend using DriverEasy for an easier driver management. 



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