Update to the latest free version (Released 2017.11.15)

What’s new…

* Improves scan engine so it can identify the correct driver for the same hardware with different driver information

* Improves the Arabic and Dutch translation

* Slightly improves the category design in the Update screen

* Improves the stability of the download speed in the Free version

* Download process shows 1 decimal place for you to have a clearer view of large file download progress

– Fixes a crash bug when only one driver update is available in the Arabic version

– Fixes other minor bugs (Released 2017.11.15)


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DriverEasy PRO

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Download 10x faster Auto-install Expert tech-support

Download 10x faster

As a PRO user, all your driver downloads come from our high-speed servers. And you get to choose the server closest to you. The result? Download speeds as fast as 3700 mbps!


Once you go PRO, you'll never have to manually install a driver again. So you don't need know what to do with the DLL and INF files. Just click Update All, and DriverEasy will do the rest.

Expert tech-support

Whether you need help with our software or help with your computer after updating drivers, we're here. We guarantee we'll reply to your email within 2 business days.

Backup and restore Auto restore point Uninstall unused drivers

Backup & restore

With DriverEasy PRO, you can back up your current device drivers before you update them. So if the new drivers don't work properly, you can just roll back to the old ones.

Auto restore point

Before updating your drivers, DriverEasy PRO automatically creates a restore point. So if one of your new drivers corrupts your Windows installation, you can just roll back.

Uninstall unused drivers

If you've ever changed or removed a device (like a printer or video card), sometimes its driver remains on your computer, and can cause conflicts. DriverEasy PRO can uninstall them all with one click.



When you go PRO, you always have the latest version. No need to manually download and install the software each time we release a new version. It happens automatically.

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Was , now just $29.95.

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Was , now just $29.95


* Actual download speed will be dependent on a range of factors, including but not limited to, broadband speed, ISP, the country you live in, and other factors.


What Our Customers Say

  • I just wanted to say thanks for saving me so much time... I had 3 missing (that I knew of), and I couldn't even find the first. While looking for it, I found your product, bought it, and used it. It found all 3 and many more. All downloaded and installed with no headaches. Saved me hours upon hours. Thank you so much. It's worth every cent, and more!


  • I'm a computer scientist and have been searching 5 hours for a legay ATI driver. I tried everything and also some competing products. No one could help me, but with your product I found the driver instantly!

    Thank you!

    Steffen Buchner

  • I have tried for days to resolve a driver problem on my Dell PC. I could not identify/disable or uninstall a "Bluetooth Peripheral Device". One pass with your software identified the device, downloaded and installed the correct drivers and now it is working (Bluetooth Stack). Many thanks.


Get your PRO license in less than 1 minute.

Was , now just $29.95.