A Statement on Norton(by Symantec) False Positive on Driver Easy

Sophie Luo

Dear Valued Customers,

We would like to make a statement regarding the recent false positive report of Driver Easy by Norton (by Symantec).

We have been receiving complaints from our users around mid April saying that Norton products were stopping the use of Driver Easy.

We ran some tests and found that Norton defined Driver Easy as a WS. Reputation product. By this, users could still use Driver Easy. Then, the type of threat was escalated to PUA(Potential Unwanted Application).

This was a false positive because Driver Easy fits nothing in the PUA category. So we set out to make different efforts to help to eliminate the impact on our users while at the same time contact Symantec to consult their help with this issue.

At first we thought this might be due to the three-colored indicator that is used to help our users to identify the problem of the drivers faster. We released a new version days later and filed another ticket to Symantec hoping to fix the problem, however, the false positive still persisted.

Then we received an email from Symantec indicating that we needed to look for the possible reason that “displays misleading information about how the issues affect the computer’s performance”.  We ran a lot of tests and figured that the false positive might be triggered by the recoded date. We filed another report to Symantec about this finding and released another new version of Driver Easy hoping to get this problem fixed, yet the false positive still persisted.

The process is much harder and longer that we thought. When pending for the final result from Norton company, the false positive report has been changed from WS. Reputation to PUA, then to PUA. Gen 4 and then to WS. Reputation again.

Luckily, we are not alone. We have a lot of warm-hearted and skilled users who have been helping us with the false positive issue. Your help is greatly appreciated by us all in Easeware.  Also, we would like to apologize again for the inconvenience that we have brought.

We’re doing whatever we can to get this problem fixed: we’ve been filling tickets to Symantec over and over again with the only hope that they could inform us about the exact problem instead of send us yet another template email with nothing but confusing and ambiguous wording; we fix whatever bug that we could find and release new versions based on little information from Symantec; we find temporary solutions for our users to be able to use Driver Easy with Norton security on, yet the false positive still persists and Driver Easy will still be whipped out from the computer.

 As a software company themselves, Symantec should be fully aware of the importance of fast reaction to bugs and the damage it would do another software company like us if the false positive not removed in an acceptable time range. Yet they neglect our demand after we have requested so many times and provided enough information for them to judge. We are somewhat discouraged now.

 Easeware alone might not be easy to notice by company like Symantec. We think if there are enough users filing against the false positive, it will be difficult for Symantec to neglect. So, if you are willing to help us with removing the false positive and want to use Driver Easy without having trouble, please go to the website here  https://submit.symantec.com/false_positive/  and submit a report to Symantec.

Any kind of your help will be greatly appreciated. You are in the way of saving a small and young company by some clicks. Thank you very much.

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