If your PC has a missing driver, and Driver Easy doesn’t detect it, let us know. If you’re right, we’ll give you a FREE, 1-year license for Driver Easy Professional, as a thank-you! And, of course, we’ll update Driver Easy to include the driver we missed.

Report more than one missed driver, and you get a free year for each!

Just follow the instructions below, and once we’ve verified that the driver’s missing, we’ll send you your license key. Usually within two working days.

Report a missed driver

1) Take screenshots of the following items:

a) Scan result page in Driver Easy

b) Scan result page in the product that detects the missed driver.

c) Device driver(s) missed in Driver Easy (If you find more than one device drivers that Driver Easy missed, please take more than one screenshots.)

2) Compress all the screenshots into a zip file.

3) On your Driver Easy program, click the Feedback icon.

4) Click Attachments.

5) Select the zip file of your screenshots, then click Open.

6) Select the checkbox of Export System Information for deep analysis. (Please feel no pressure submitting your system information since we use it to verify the scan result only.)

7) Fill out the form, then click Submit.


Please send an email to support@drivereasy.com if you have any other questions. We’d love to hear from you.