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If you spot any translation that needs improving, please feel free to leave us comments with the following information attached: 


Description of the place where you find wrong translation


Detailed description of the place(s) where you spot the mistake(s). You can use the pattern like Settings > System Restore > System Protection + the wrong translation to show us the place(s).


The original translation

The correct translation

  • Niklas Dehlén

    I really appreciate Driver Easy!
    I do miss Swedish language.
    I can help you translate if that is interesting?

    Best Regards

  • Live

    In the settings menu, the “Hidden Device” tab should say “Hidden Devices”.

  • Petr

    Czech launge:
    Jaký jsme my? better translete is Jací jsme?

  • Juan M. Doval

    There is another Spanish-German mistake.

    In Spanish languaje>
    Settings>System restore.

    In the title named “System Proteccion”. Said “Systemschutz” in German.
    When should said “Protección de Sistema”

  • In Spanish:


    There is a part in German.

    Original translation: Erinnerung / Nach dem Update von Treiber Sound abspielen.

    Correct translation: Aviso / Después de actualizar el controlador, reproducir un sonido.

    • Sophie.Luo

      Hi Alberto,

      Thanks for your suggestion. I’ll transfer your opinion to my colleagues real soon.

      Please check your email inbox to see if you have an email from us received. The email contains the license key we promise.

      Thanks again for your suggestion.

      Have a nice day.

  • Nemanja

    Hello guys,

    I use Driver Easy as my #1 driver program, and I’ve recommended it to most of my friends after fresh install of Windows. I live in Serbia, and I’d like to translate whole program to Serbian (cyrilic + latin form) language, so that users here can easily read and update what they wish.

    Translation would take me ’round day or two at most 🙂


    • Sophie.Luo

      Hi Nemanja,
      Sorry for the late reply.
      And thanks so much for reaching out to us! We are glad that you like our program.
      We’d definitely consider adding Serbian language to Driver Easy some day, but we are too overwhelmed with our current workload. But we will surely reach out to you when we are more available.
      Again, thanks so much for your offer to help and your kindness. We hope to reach out to you soon.
      Have a wonderful week! 🙂

  • Thính Trần Văn

    Thank you so much !
    Great !

  • yusuf erdem

    hey there, If you interested I’d like to translate in Turkish language.

  • Hans de Jong

    There is an incorrect translation in the dutch version. When you install Driver Easy, the installation program will start. You have to select the type of installation.

    In Dutch you can choose between: Uitdrukken or Gewoonte. That is totally wrong (in English: Express or Custom). That must be: Standaard or Aangepast.

    • Sophie.Luo

      Hi, Hans.
      Thanks for your feedback.
      Sorry about the mistake.
      We’ve informed our engineers about this mistake. They are working to fix it now.
      Thanks again for your information.
      Have a nice day.

  • bobduncan

    There is an incorrect translation of the menu of the tool home page sidebar (The hamburger menu on the lower right) , which is also repeated in various menus on your website.

    Original translation: ‘Report Miss-detected Drivers’
    Correct translation: ‘Report Mis-detected Drivers’, or ‘Report Misdetected Drivers’.

    • Sophie.Luo

      Hi, Bob.
      Thanks for the feedback.
      By saying “miss-detected”, we intend to encourage our users to report device drivers that are detected by other driver updater(s) but not Driver Easy. We believe that our driver database and our product can scan for more drivers that any other driver updater. If the test results show otherwise, you are more than welcome to file a report to our tech team and get free license keys in return.
      That being said, ” `mis-detected`drivers” seem to encourage our users to file a report about drivers that are not correctly detected.
      We would like to hear your thought on the translation again. As always, we welcome all constructive suggestions.
      Look forward to your reply.
      Have a wonderful week. 🙂

  • Sophie.Luo


    Our colleague has sent you an email with detailed information. Would you please check your mail box at your earliest convenience? Thanks for your assistance. Have a nice day.

  • Mathijs Vogelezang

    This translation is in the Dutch version
    It is the place where all drivers are that need to be updated
    Bijwerken (“apparaat/apparaten”)
    Original Translation: “apparaat/apparaten”
    Correct translation: “apparaat” (by one device) or “apparaten” (by two devices or more)

  • sayid allawi

    I have done the steps you sent me and still the program does not work and I took a picture of what I have done and sent to you via your email and did not reply to you please reply to solve the problem.
    Thanks Sophie Luo

  • Sayid Allawi

    Thank .
    My account has been answered.
    I will follow the steps sent to solve the problem and give you an assessment.
    Thanks Driver Easy.

  • Sayid Allawi

    Please reply to the previous complaint of importance.

  • Hans Hutterer

    Dear Sir`s
    I have a downloaded the last update, but on the left
    down Corner, I am unabel to find nothing to Input the
    Serial numbers.
    please be so Kind and help me to activate drive easy.

    With best regards

    • Sophie Luo

      Hi, Hans.

      It seems that you have successfully activated your Driver Easy right after you left us this comment.

      If there is any further question regarding the usage of Driver Easy, please feel free to contact us at .

  • Paolo

    Improve italian translation :

    “ItalianAiutaci a migliorare” change to “Aiutaci a migliorare”

    • Sophie Luo

      Hi, Paolo.

      Thanks for your correction.

      In the coming version, changes shall be seen on Driver Easy.

      Thanks again for your assistance.

      Please check your email inbox for the license key that we send you.

      Have a nice day.

  • Alessandro

    In the Italian version, when i go to Strumenti (“Instruments” in English) the “go Back” word that in Italian is “Indietro” is only shown as “indiet”.

    In the update page, “Driver Aggiornati Necessari”(“Need updated drivers” in English) is wrong. You must correct with “Necessitano un aggiornamento dei driver”

    • Sophie Luo

      Hi, Alessandro.

      We have received your comment and it has been transferred to our colleagues in related teams. This problem should be fixed in the near future.

      Thanks so much for your help. Please check your email inbox for the key that we send you.

      If you have any problems at all, please feel free to ask.

  • israel lourenco de paula

    estou com deficuldade para baixa driver de wireless dell e6410 por favor preciso de ajuda

  • salag

    ok działa super

  • Szymon

    Driver easy is the best program in the world

  • Dương

    i like drivereasy

  • Ursula Krause


    The word scan could also be used as a check
    in German “Überprüfung” to be translated.

    And the word “machine” in the hardware information is referred to as a model, or type.

    And with the tools Driver Backup /Original
    Treibersicherung /Correct

  • Ursula Krause

    Right on the start page of the program are the first translation errors.

    Features /Original
    Eigenschaften /Correct

    Like Us /Original
    Mögen/Teilen /Correct

    Tools /Original
    Werkzeuge /Correct

    Feedback /Original
    Rückmeldung /Correct

    Next error in the General settings

    Sound/ Original
    Ton /Correct

    Backup Restore Error:

    Backup /Original
    Sicherung /Correct

    Restore /Original
    Wiederherstellen /Correct