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  1. Dear Sir`s
    I have a downloaded the last update, but on the left
    down Corner, I am unabel to find nothing to Input the
    Serial numbers.
    please be so Kind and help me to activate drive easy.

    With best regards

    1. Hi, Hans.

      It seems that you have successfully activated your Driver Easy right after you left us this comment.

      If there is any further question regarding the usage of Driver Easy, please feel free to contact us at .

    1. Hi, Paolo.

      Thanks for your correction.

      In the coming version, changes shall be seen on Driver Easy.

      Thanks again for your assistance.

      Please check your email inbox for the license key that we send you.

      Have a nice day.

  2. In the Italian version, when i go to Strumenti (“Instruments” in English) the “go Back” word that in Italian is “Indietro” is only shown as “indiet”.

    In the update page, “Driver Aggiornati Necessari”(“Need updated drivers” in English) is wrong. You must correct with “Necessitano un aggiornamento dei driver”

    1. Hi, Alessandro.

      We have received your comment and it has been transferred to our colleagues in related teams. This problem should be fixed in the near future.

      Thanks so much for your help. Please check your email inbox for the key that we send you.

      If you have any problems at all, please feel free to ask.

  3. Hello

    The word scan could also be used as a check
    in German “Überprüfung” to be translated.

    And the word “machine” in the hardware information is referred to as a model, or type.

    And with the tools Driver Backup /Original
    Treibersicherung /Correct

  4. Hello
    Right on the start page of the program are the first translation errors.

    Features /Original
    Eigenschaften /Correct

    Like Us /Original
    Mögen/Teilen /Correct

    Tools /Original
    Werkzeuge /Correct

    Feedback /Original
    Rückmeldung /Correct

    Next error in the General settings

    Sound/ Original
    Ton /Correct

    Backup Restore Error:

    Backup /Original
    Sicherung /Correct

    Restore /Original
    Wiederherstellen /Correct

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