How does the affiliate program work?

Our affiliate network is powered by Avangate.

3 steps to become a Driver Easy affiliate:

If you can sell license keys to more than 100 PCs per month, please feel free to contact us at for the custom version of Driver Easy.

Once you’ve become an affiliate of Driver Easy, it’s time to set up your tracking links. This tracks your orders and helps you get your commission. Depending on the scenario, there are three ways you can insert the affiliate tracking link.

But before you start, keep in mind to make your page SEO-friendly—no matter which type of links you prefer, please add the rel=”sponsored” attribute to your Driver Easy affiliate links. (It tells Google these are affiliate links. To learn more, see this Google documentation.)

A custom tracking link is usually more flexible, allowing you to track extra information, which may include the destination page and/or the source page.

This method is helpful in these scenarios:

  • You wish to direct your audience to any page (within of your personal choosing;
  • You wish to track which one of your pages generates the orders.

You can easily set up a custom tracking link with the following template:


The template includes four parameters:

AAA: specifying your affiliate ID.

BBB: specifying the payment platform ID. The platform ID for Avangate/2CheckOut is 4. So if you sign up the affiliate program on Avangate, you should enter “4”  for this parameter.

CCC: specifying the destination page where you direct your audience. It can be the Driver Easy download URL, the Buy page, the URL of any webpages on Driver Easy website, or the URL of your own website. It’s optional. If this parameter is left empty, the link will be redirected to

DDD: specifying the URL of the source page for an order. It’s customizable and optional. This is helpful if you have more than one page in your website or store, and you want to track the exact page where orders generate.

Once you have set up the affiliate link, insert it on the targeted text.

For example
Assuming that your affiliate ID is 2310 in Avangate

1) You want to add the Driver Easy download URL on your website, hoping to track the source page on your website for the order( Then the Affiliate Tracking Link should be:

2) You discover that this page ( is helpful and you want to direct your readers to this page. Then the Affiliate Tracking Link should be:

3) Assuming your affiliate ID is 2310 in Avangate, you want to introduce Driver Easy on your website. But before that, you want to set cookies on people’s computer, so that you can track the order when people search Driver Easy on Google and buy. Then the Affiliate Tracking Link should be:

Sometimes you may wish your audience to land on the download page to download the Driver Easy app. Again, this can be tracked using the following link:

Note that you should replace 2310(example ID) with your own ID.

Once you have set up the download tracking link, insert it in the targeted text.

The Avangate-generated product links are specifcically targeted for each inidividual product.

Currently, we have 7 products, namely —

  • Single Computer License/1 Year
  • 3 Computers License/1 Year
  • 5 Computers License/1 Year
  • 10 Computers License/1 Year
  • 30 Computers License/1 Year
  • 50 Computers License/1 Year
  • 100 Computers License/1 Year

The product links directs your audience to the checkout page of the specific product – with the product added to the cart and ready to be checked out. This method is helpful if you wish to focus on certain products and fast-track your audience to the final checkout page.

Upon clicking the product link, readers will land on the checkout page of a certain product.
Note that product link tracking is product-specific. If you choose this method, orders will only be tracked if the link of the purchased item matches the product link you’ve set. For example, if you have set up the “3 Computers License/1 Year”, then a customer clicks through the link and places an order of the “3 Computers License/1 Year” product, the link is tracked and you will get your commission. But if the customer then changes his mind and places an order of a different item, the tracking will be invalid.

1) To retrieve the product links in Avangate:Once you’ve formed active partnership with Driver Easy, click See Vendor Products.

2) Select the product for which you wish to generate the link, and click Generate link.

From here, you can copy the information and insert it on the targeted text.

If you need more information about Driver Easy, logos, packing shots and screenshots, just download them through Press Kits. We have them all prepared.

Protected SEM Bidding Keywords: Affiliates may not bid directly on our trademarks, misspellings of our trademarks, variations of our trademarks, or combinations of trademark plus keyword bidding (including but are not limited to driver easy, drivereasy) in Google, Bing, Yahoo, or any other search advertisement.

If you have any questions, please do not hesitate to contact us at