How does affiliate program work?

Our affiliate network is powered by Avangate.

3 steps to become a Driver Easy affiliate:

If you can sell license keys for more than 100 PCs per month, please feel free to contact us at for the custom version of Driver Easy.

Once you’ve been an affiliate, it’s apparent that you need to insert a tracking link in order to track your conversions. Depending on the scenario, there are three ways you can insert the affiliate tracking link:

If you want to guide your audience directly to the purchase page, you can use the product link. To do so, simply copy the product link (in 6), Step 2) )and insert it on the targeted text.

Sometimes you may want to introduce your readers to download Driver Easy app. In this case, you can use the following download link:

Note that you should replace 2310(example ID) with your own ID.

This download link keeps track of your affiliate ID information. As long as the users are from your side, whichever web pages they finally place the order, you will always get the final share.

If you have more than one pages in your site/store, you may want to track the exact page where the orders generate. In this case, you can customize the link with the following template.


AAA: specifying your affiliate ID.

BBB: specifying the payment platform ID. The platform ID for Avangate/2CheckOut is 4. So if you sign up the affiliate program on Avangate, you should enter “4”  for this parameter.

CCC: specifying the targeted page that is redirected to. It can be the Driver Easy download URL, or the URL of any webpages on Driver Easy website, or the URL of your own website. It’s optional. If this parameter is empty, the link will be redirected to

DDD: specifying the URL to track the source page for an order. It’s customizable and optional.

For example

1) Assuming your affiliate ID is 2310 in Avangate, you want to add Driver Easy download URL on your website, hoping to track the source page on your website for the order. Then the Affiliate Tracking Link should be:

2) Assuming your affiliate ID is 2310 in Avangate, you discover that this page ( is helpful and you want to add this webpage on your own website. When people buy Driver Easy on this recommended page, you’re guaranteed to get the commission and know the source page of the order. Then the Affiliate Tracking Link should be:

3) Assuming your affiliate ID is 2310 in Avangate, you want to introduce Driver Easy on your website. But before that, you want to set cookie on people’s computer, so you can track the order when people search Driver Easy on Google and buy. Then the Affiliate Tracking Link should be:

If you need more information about Driver Easy, logos, packing shots and screenshots, just download them through Press Kits. We have them all prepared.

If you have any questions, please do not hesitate to contact us at