Driver Easy 5.0 Beta 4 Version Released

Driver Easy 5.0 Beta 4 version has been released. Please download it and try it.

Following are the bug fixes and changes in Beta 4 version:

  1. Fixes an issue where System Information file cannot be sent through Feedback form.

  2. Changes title “HiddenTabItem” to “Driver Easy”.

  3. Changes the description for Creating Restore Point.

The final version will be released end of March. Before that, we would try our best effort to improve the program. And you can expect more features in final version.

Please feel free to let us know how you feel about Driver Easy 5.0 Beta versions. We look forward to your feedbacks.

Driver Easy 5.0 Beta 6 Version has been released. 

  • Cassie

    I was really confused, and this answered all my quniostes.

  • Ursula Krause


    Some drivers are proposed by mobile phones that were never connected. There are even mobile suits to organize installed mobile phones which is incorrect. Some drivers can not be upgraded because the latest version is already installed.

    Hidden drivers appear after a reboot still again. Sometimes even already installed reappear in the list.

    A rolling upgrade works virtually never.

    Greeting Ursula

    • Sophie Luo

      Hi, Ursula.

      Thanks a million for your constant support. We are so luck to have such a warm-hearted user like you.

      I have sent you an email containing the license key, please check your mail box to see if you got it. If not, please feel free to ask me for it.

      Thanks again for your very generous help.

      Have a very nice day.

  • Mario Córdoba

    No pude instalar los controladores me pidió clave y no que era gratis?

    Mario Córdoba

  • Roger

    I have a suggestion. In cases where some drivers need to be installed manually after the automatic driver updates have finished, it would help if the already installed updates are no longer shown.

    That way, only the remaining updates would be shown, which make things simpler, particuarly when there have been a number of drivers already installed.