Driver Easy 5.0 Final Version Released

After months hard working, we are glad to announce that Driver Easy 5.0 final version can be delivered to you today. Please feel free to try this new version.

If you tried the Beta versions, you might already know that Version 5.0 is totally different from the previous versions. Following are the major things that we’ve done to develop Driver Easy 5.0.

  • Redesigned UI
  • Rewritten Driver Scan Engine
  • Rewritten Driver Download Engine
  • Rewritten Driver Install Engine
  • Enhanced Hardware Information

With new user interface and improved features, you can expect better user experience from Driver Easy 5.0. The biggest feature of Driver Easy 5.0 is one-click “Update All” feature, which allows you to download and install all drivers automatically at a time. With this feature, download will complete soon at a much higher download speed. The drivers will be installed automatically as soon as the download completes. To update drivers, you just need to click your mouse one time and Driver Easy will take care of the rest.

We would keep improving the program and would release Driver Easy 5.0 later versions with problem fixed and improvements. Driver Backup & Restore feature will be integrated in later version. You can expect the version will be released by the end of April.

Please leave your comment if you have any questions and suggestions about Driver Easy 5.0.

  • Sebastian

    Hi, love the app, use it alot!
    I have to say the new gui looks cheap, like the sort of interface fake antivirus and cleaners use.

    Other than that, love the app!

    • Cheyanne

      Hey, that’s poerufwl. Thanks for the news.

  • Ursula


    Have Driver Easy Pro, but the field Other, Professional, Register Now
    missing the Program, or is the only on show at the Free version?

    And the Lizanzstatus is not to check, because there is no tool available. This should normally be on the program at the tourist.

    Regards Ursula