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Driver Easy 5.1.2 New Version Released!

Release of Driver Easy 5.1.2! Click here to get the latest version of Driver Easy 5.1.2!

New features include:

+ Add an option to use Windows Update drivers (Default is disabled)

+ Allow proxy server settings in Internet Connection

+ Add “Help” function when scan error occurs

* Redesign “Update All” progress bar

* Improved driver update animation

* Enhanced license input box with auto added “-“

* Drivers without Driver Date (Blank) show date as 0000-00-00

* Fixed a bug when auto launch a .zip driver file

* Fixed crashes when system data not in century format

As always, we welcome your constructive comments and reviews to help us become better, so please feel free to tell us how you feel about this new version by leaving us comments. Or if you have any problem using Driver Easy, just send us a quick message via the built-in feedback interface in Driver Easy.  We will reply you as soon as we possibly can. 

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    1. Przez Komputer świat otrzymałem klucz do Waszego produktu, jednak mimo usilnych starań nie zdołałem go uruchomić w wyznaczonym czasie.
      klucz jest następujący:

      Czy jest możliwość skorzystania z tej promocji i jak to ewentualnie zrealizować.

      1. Dear Wiesław,

        Thanks for your comment.

        I am sorry that you met problem while using our product.
        The problem could not be located exactly due to limited information. We have checked our system, but unfortunately, your order information could not be found. Please ensure the license key is correct.
        Would you please send the detailed information about the problem to us at so we could make a further check? Screen shot of the issue would be more helpful.

        If you have any questions, please leave your comments here again.

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