Driver Easy 5.1.7 – Latest Version Released!

Howdy, friends!

It’s been a couple a weeks since we announced Driver Easy 5.1.6.

Today we bring you Driver Easy 5.1.7.

What’s new in Driver Easy 5.1.7?

* Updates the text under category “Unplugged devices”

* Completes certain missing translation

* Enhances Offline Scan feature, now supports both Ethernet & Wi-Fi devices

* Last Scan time will automatically update

* Adds some missed multi-language translation

Come and have a try at the more advanced version of Driver Easy, 5.1.7 now!

  • Wolfgang

    Guten Tag
    Leider gelingt es mir nicht Driver Easy zu instalieren,
    von der Computer Bild Sonderheft Sicherheit 1/2017

    • Sophie Luo

      Would you please send us an email according to instructions here in this web page: with your code from Computer Bild so we can better assist?

      Thanks for your email in advance.

  • Arthur Double

    I am new to Driver Easy, my licence code isxxx-xxx-xxx. How do I download your product? ( my order ID xxx-xxx )Your email has disapeered from my PC.Please help.

  • Siegfried Benz

    habe driver easy aus PCgo 5/2017 mit Jahreslizenz
    xxxxx (deleted by editor ) und versuche vergeblich die Jahresversion
    zu installieren Bitte,helfen Sie mir.

    • Sophie Luo

      Hi, we tried to contact you via email, but it seems that there is something wrong the email address that you provided. The email cannot get through you. Please contact us at as soon as you receive this comment so we can better assist you.

      Thanks in advance for your email.