Driver Easy 5.5.1 Released! Latest Version Awaits!

Sophie Luo

It’s been long time, dear dear friends! Today we bring you the very latest version of Driver Easy, 5.5.1! Compared with former versions, Driver Easy 5.5.1 has the following exciting new updates:   *Redesigns UI for Hardware Info

*Adapts to screen reader *Adds “Report Miss-detected Drivers” & “Improves Translation” link to menu list

*Updates German and Portuguese translations *Improves driver scan server performance *Improves create restore point logic, creates one restore point per day *Standardizes all popup message designs *Fixes Technician License not showing full license key issue *Fixes device name showing question mark (?) issue in some non-English environment *Fixes some Windows 10 machines cannot create restore point issue *Fixes many other minor bugs We will rule out the auto-upgrade program soon, and if you want to have the very first pick at the latest version, come on and download it from here.  As always, we welcome all sorts of constructive suggestions. So, feel free to leave us messages here and we will get to them asap. 🙂 
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