Driver Easy 5.5.4 is Available Now!

It’s been long since we last release, how are you doing? We hope your answer is “Couldn’t be better! ” ūüôā¬†

Today we bring you Driver Easy 5.5.4, newer version, more new exciting features. Read on and find out we changes you can see! 

1. We add the Report Bugs option in the Menu bar so you file software bug report to us from here: 

In return, you’ll get 3 license keys for free.¬†

2. We¬†add translation¬†for¬†Arabic,¬†Greek¬†and¬†Czech since we’ve received requests from many warm-hearted users.¬†

If you spot any translation that needs improving, leave us a comment so we can verify it and send you a free license key in return. 

3. The ZIP icon in Driver Restore interface is now clickable. You can click the icon in the middle or the Browse… icon to restore your drivers.¬†

We notice that many users click the ZIP icon in the middle first before they realize it is the Browse button that does the work. 

In the new version, Driver Restore feature is made easier to access to with one more working button. 

4. We now list the items in the Update interface alphabetically so you can locate the drivers easily. 

There are many users sending us emails and leaving us comments asking for such a feature. And we sure do hope this is what you are looking for. 

Apart from what mentioned above, we have also made some tiny changes to both the interface and Driver Easy itself. 

Download the latest version from here and let us know how you feel about it. We’re all ears. ūüôā¬†

  • thomasjespersen

    Could a “Report bug” button be added to the individual driver download? In case a specific driver bugs your system and you have to roll back. In which case the current version of the driver should be marked not for install.

    • Sophie.Luo

      Hi Thomas,
      Thanks so much for your suggestion!
      As a matter of fact, we are working on this feature and ready to roll it out once it is done.
      Thanks so much again for your suggestion. As a way of expressing our gratitude, we have extended your license key for 6 more months. Hope you enjoy this offer.
      Feel free to let us know what you think we should do to make Driver Easy better.
      Have a wonderful day. ūüôā