Driver Easy 5.6.3 Released!

Hooray! Driver Easy 5.6.3 released! In this brand new version, we've improved the User Interface and added some features. Check it out...

Lillian Lai

Hi guys, it’s been a while. Hope you’re doing great! Today we bring you Driver Easy 5.6.3, a brand new version with updated UI designs, and better user experience. Check it out… 1. We’ve added a Menu  button on the left of the Hardware Info page and the Tools page, which enables you to access to Settings, Feedback, Help page and other menus more easily and conveniently. 2. We’ve added a Get pro version button on the left of the Settings page, which saves your time to the exit the Settings page when you need to upgrade, so you can upgrade to the Pro version directly from the Settings page. 3. We’ve improved the Launch screen design with the bigger screen and more appropriate colors, and now it’s more easy-to-read and user-friendly for you. 4. We’ve improved the User Interface in Driver Easy, including unifying the colors, changing the design for the text background on the Hardware Info page, and improving the design of buttons, such as the Get pro version, Stop, and Back buttons. The screenshot below shows you some examples of the change. 5. We’ve added a new feature for the Buy Now page in Driver Easy, so you’ll be automatically redirected to the Buy Now page in the corresponding language according to your language in Driver Easy (this applies to Italian, German, and Spanish for now, and others will be redirected to the page in English). 6. We’ve fixed some minor bugs. Can’t wait to try the new version? Click here to download the latest Driver Easy and enjoy it! Feel free to let us know your thoughts. We’re all ears!

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