Driver Easy Ensure Your PC is Safe

Driver Easy aims to provide you with the most recent and best matched drivers. Before that, we have to ensure the drivers are safe to your computer. So we choose to offer you WHQL drivers first.


What is WHQL drivers?

WHQL (Windows Hardware Quality Labs) is the Microsoft team that provides the logo program for hardware compatibility certification. WHQL drivers are those which have passed WHQL tests and got compatibility certification from Microsoft.


Why Driver Easy recommends WHQL drivers first?

When you determine to use Driver Easy to help update drivers, we understand that one of most important things you would consider is safety. The provided drivers must be safe to your PC.


To protect your computer, it is recommended that you install official drivers from manufacturers. But note that not all drivers released by manufacturers have passed WHQL test. All drivers provided by Driver Easy are found on manufacturer’s website. Since WHQL drivers are tested and signed by Microsoft, they meet Windows compatibility requirements. To keep your PC safe and stable, WHQL drivers are our first choice. Only if manufacturer does not release WHQL drivers, will Driver Easy provide other compatible drivers which are also produced by manufacturers.


How do we guarantee WHQL drivers?

To provide drivers in safe level, we have a professional team that are responsible for driver analysis. Before drivers are uploaded to driver database, we need to do a lot of analysis to filter drivers. We will analyze which driver has passed WHQL test and which driver is the best for your PC. Though the analysis process is complicated, we know it is necessary as faulty drivers may even crash your PC. So far, we have more than 8,000,000 drivers in our database. And we will continue adding new drivers. This is to guarantee you can get whatever driver you need.

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