How would you say to 3 free individual license keys, each can be used on 3 different PCs? It seems cruel not to say yes, doesn’t it? 


Adding to the list of ways to get free Driver Easy license keys (write a review, locate miss-detected driver, and help improve translation), you have one more option now: reporting a bug


If you don’t think Driver Easy is acting right, or that you ran into some errors when testing on it, feel free to let us know by filling a bug report.


We’re grateful that you’re helping us improve Driver Easy. As mentioned, you’ll get 3 free individual license keys in return. Each of the key can be used on 3 different computers. 


All you need to do is to file a clear bug report as instructed in Report a bug page. 


We’ll review the report and get back to you as quickly as possible, along with the 3 free license keys sent to the email address you provide.  


Perform tests on Driver Easy and get your free license keys now!