How to temporarily turn off Norton Antivirus

By Camilla Mo in

Norton Antivirus is designed to keep your computer safe but sometimes may stop you from installing some programs and applications. Norton Antivirus won’t let you proceed with installation setups if it doesn’t recognize the program. Some software are very important so you have to install them. In this case, you can temporarily disable Norton Antivirus. Turning Norton Antivirus off temporarily won’t take any bad effect to your computer. You can turn it on after installing the software.


Step 1:

Click the small triangle on your Windows taskbar to open the notification area. Right-click the Norton Antivirus icon for a list of options related to the security suite.


Step 2:

Click "Disable Smart Firewall" to temporarily shut down the firewall.


Step 3:

Click "Disable Antivirus Auto-Protect" to temporarily disable anti-virus protection. You can specify the amount of time you want to disable the program.




  • Val A

    Any help for Mac OS?

  • Kyle Soliday

    It’s grayed out.

  • Cloud Pradhan

    i cant disable it

  • Janie

    i don’t have a small triangle. All i have in the norton 16 utilities button (windows 8.1)

  • pro

    uh i cant disable anti virus auto protect

  • Mark Frederick C. Tan

    Thank you so much! I appreciate it!

  • Jaye Williams

    The firewall is not on the task bar any more

  • B

    This doesn’t help, Win10 still says the antivirus is active and needs to be disabled.

  • pcpcpc12

    If i do it pernamently will i be able to re-enable it?

    • fern

      yes you can

  • Slim TURK

    Thanks a lot.