There are some ways to update your Logitech M310 Mouse driver. These are the best solutions to solve the problems of your M310 Mouse due to the outdated driver you are using.

Option 1: Update your Logitech M310 Mouse Driver in Device Manager Option 2: Download your M310 Mouse Driver from Logitech’s Webiste Option 3: Update your Logitech M310 Mouse Driver Using Driver Easy   Option 1: Update your Logitech M310 Mouse Driver in Device Manager Using Device Manager is a convenient way to update driver. You can ask the operating system to search and install the driver you need. If your mouse is not working, this is a recommended way to try. 1) Press Win Key (the key with a Windows logo on top) and R key at the same time. A Run dialog will pop up. 2) Type devmgmt.msc and press Enter.

3) On the window of Device Manager, click Mice and other pointing device. Right click on your Logitech mouse device appearing below, and then click Update Driver Software. (*If you cannot use your mouse, use arrow keys to locate Mice and other pointing device category and press Alt key and right arrow key at the same time to expand it. Then locate your Logitech device and press shift+F10 keys to open context menu. Use arrow keys to locate and Enter key to open the Update Driver Software window.)

4) On the window popping up, select Search automatically for updated driver software. (Use arrow keys and Enter key if your mouse fails to work.)

Your system will search for and update the driver for you.

  Option 2: Download your M310 Mouse Driver from Logitech’s Website Luckily, if your mouse are not completely out, you can search for and download the driver of your Logitech M310 Mouse driver from Logitech’s official website. 1) Go to Logitech’s official website. 2) Move your mouse cursor over SUPPORT and then click SUPPORT + DOWNLOADS

3) Change your search content into Downloads and then search m310.

4) On the result page, click the Wireless Mouse M310 – Download Page (or the MORE button right below it).

5) On the Mouse M310 Support Page, scroll down and click the DOWNLOADS block.

6) Select the version of Windows that you use and then click DOWNLOAD NOW to download the installer.

7) Once the download completes, you can open the installer and follow its instruction to finish the installation.   Option 3: Update your Logitech M310 Mouse Driver Using Driver Easy You can choose a more convenient method. You can use Driver Easy to solve your driver issues. You can download the drivers you need with its Free version. The driver problems of your computer can be easily detected with a single press of the Scan Now button. Then, you can update the Logitech M310 mouse driver on the update page. You can install the newest driver by following its instruction, and please check Update Drivers with Free Version if you need more information about the process.

However, if you want to get rid of your driver problems QUICKLY and THOROUGHLY, the Pro Version of Driver Easy is strongly recommended! In dealing with tricky and frustrating issues of drivers, a professional and super easy-to-use tool like Driver Easy Pro can save you a huge amount of time and energy. Even if you are not satisfied with your purchase, you will still have full refund within 30 days. So why miss the chance to solve your driver problems once and for all? 
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