New Servers Added

We have recently added one more scan server so as to ensure the user experience of our increasing number of users. Adding new scan server allows you to get the scan result much faster. It also decreases the required scanning time when there are too many users online at the same time.

Meanwhile, we have also added several download servers so the speed of our download servers has reached up to 4500 Mbps!

It should be mentioned that servers for users of free version and professional version are independent, in which the download speed of the professional version is ensured to have the privilege.

  • FreaK

    I just test it but recognizes z.b for example, the new Physx driver does not please add fixed

    • camilla mo

      Hi Freak,

      Thanks for your comment.

      Please forgive that I did not understand you clearly due to limited information.
      I am sorry if you met problem while using our product.

      Would you please provide more information about the question you have so we could assist you better?
      You can send the information to us using Driver Easy Feedback tool.

      Please leave your comment again if you have any further questions.


  • cas riepensell

    My print is very small from my laptop windows 10 to Epson wf-2750. purchased 2016

  • Marta

    It’s unbelievable absolutely amazing.