New Version of Driver Easy 5.1.5 Released!

Howdy, fellas!

Not so long time ago, we brought you Driver Easy 5.1.4, and now we present to you the latest version of Driver Easy, 5.1.5

New features include: 

* Improved driver install engine

* Improved license key input box

Fast scan, and no-brainer download and update features are still solid. Use Driver Easy 5.1.5 to get your missing and outdated device drivers updated now! 

If you have any question, feel free to leave us comment, and we will be replying you in no more than two working days.
  • Dean L. Ulrey

    How does the FREE version work? I downloaded Ver. 5.1.5, and it scanned just fine, but when I go to download an update it only takes me to where you sell the PROFESSIONAL version. I need 1 update, and I can’t get to it. If the FREE version works I need some instructions on how to use it.


    • Sophie Luo

      Hi, Dean.

      Please refer to this post here:

      to have more information as to how to use the free version to update your device drivers.

      For more help with Driver Easy 5.x, please refer to this webpage:

      • Dean L. Ulrey

        Hi, Sophie
        When I click on the UPDATE button, a window pops up it says:
        15% Downloading 300.9KB of 1.9MB (0 Bytes/Sec)
        Slow download speed…………. Upgrade Now
        and just sits there doing nothing. When I “X” out of that window it still shows the list of driver updates available, but none will download.


  • Scott Smith

    My Desktop PC running Windows 10 started randomly crashing and giving out different error codes each time. I ran antivirus scan after scan with AVG and Malwarebytes even used CCleaner but the crashes kept coming and started coming more frequently. Crashing 2-3 times a day with Blue Screen of Death. I spent hours searching for the most current drivers for my system and ended up at the most horrible websites that could never be trusted, even the manufacturer’s websites were difficult to get what I needed. Then I came across Driver Easy, it is a life saver. No more crashes, my pc runs like new. It’s got a great UI and works like a charm. Thank you!