Driver Easy 5.6.2 Released!

Driver Easy 5.6.2 with more improved features, check it out! Feel free to let us know what you think about it and what features you would like to see on Driver Easy. Look forward to hearing from you!

Lillian Lai

Hi guys, hope you’re doing great! Today we bring you Driver Easy 5.6.2, a brand new version with improved experience. Check it out… 1. We’ve improved the installation process and reduced the size of the installation package, so you can now install Driver Easy with only 2 clicks! Simple and easy, right?

2. We’ve unified and improved the UI design for the progress bar in Driver Easy, including progresses of the driver download, driver restore and driver backup and more. Below shown is an example of the progress bar when downloading drivers on the Update page.

3. We’ve changed the icons next to devices on the Update page by using the same icons in Device Manager, so it’s easier for you to recognize the devices by its icons.

4. We’ve improved the security certified icons on the Update page, and they’re more intuitive for you. Click here to know more about WHQL certified information.

5. We’ve change the design for the Setup dialogs while installing Driver Easy. It’s much easier for you to understand and proceed. The screenshot below shows you an example of the change.

6. We’ve improved the Feedback page, and you can directly type your email address without clicking the field.

7. We’ve added a link about the uninstall of Driver Easy on the About page. It saves your time to search on the website for the steps of uninstallation.

8. We’ve improved the Japanese and Czech translation. 9. We’ve fixed some minor bugs. In summary, this update is all about providing you with a simpler and better Driver Easy. Can’t wait to enjoy the new updates? Click here to download the latest Driver Easy and try it out! Feel free to let us know your thoughts. We’re all ears!
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