Dolby audio is available for Windows 10. Even so, you still have chance meeting problems after you upgrade the system to Windows 10. The most common issue is that you are expected to install an older version of Dolby Digital Plus. For instance, you have installed version in your computer, but the error message saying that you need version error would appear like screen shot shows). Here you will learn how to fix this issue.




The issue occurs because the version of Dolby Digital Plus audio driver is incompatible with the version of the audio driver, such as Realtek Audio driver and Conexant Audio driver. So to fix this issue, you need to have the right versions for Dolby audio driver and the audio driver.


Try the solutions below to fix this issue.


Solution 1: Uninstall the audio driver then reboot the system


After uninstalling the driver and rebooting the system, the Windows will load the driver automatically. This is supposed to install the right version driver.

If you are not sure how to uninstall the driver, follow steps below:


1. Press Windows key and X and choose Device Manager.

2. In Device Manager, expand category “Sound, video and game controllers”.

3. Right-click on the audio device name. A context menu will pop up. Choose Uninstall.




4. Reboot the system and see if the problem resolves.


Solution 2: Install an older version audio driver


The issue would occur if the audio driver contains newer but incompatible drivers for the Dolby Home Theater. Install the older version audio driver, then the issue should resolve.

Before you install the driver, check for the installed version of the audio driver and uninstall the driver.


1. Check for the installed version of the audio driver


1). In Device Manager, locate audio device and right-click on the device name.  

2). Choose Properties.




3). Click Driver tab. Then you will get the Driver Version in this tab.




2. Uninstall the driver


3. Install an audio driver in older version


Windows 8 and Windows 7 drivers are always compatible with Windows 10. So you can find the older driver by starting with Windows 8.

To find the driver, you can go to the audio device manufacturer’s website or the computer manufacturer’s website. It is recommended that you go to the computer manufacturer’s website first such as Lenovo, Acer, as they might release the audio driver which contains the Dolby audio driver. Please note that you need to use the specific operating system and the computer product name, model number or series number to find the driver.



If you want to update all drivers, you can use Driver Easy to help you. Driver Easy is the program which helps detect problem drivers in your computer, and download and install new drivers. With Driver Easy, you can update drivers in seconds.

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