– Release Date: 2016.05.10 (Current Version)

* The “i” icon is clickable to show the driver information( In previous version you can click the device name next to the “i” icon to show the same driver information).

* The notification for unplugged device will always show up( In previous version it only shows up when you choose at least one unplugged device ).

– Remove the 3 color driver status indicator due to Symantec’s (aka Norton) false positive. The indicator is designed to help us easily identify driver status(up-to-date, out-of-date within 30 days and out-of-date). Please do not ask us why, we have tried to explain(several times), please ask Symantec, since their engineers consider the driver status indicator as a performance indicator.

– Fixed a date conversion bug, which cause 0.32% of drivers showing incorrect Driver Date – Release Date: 2016.04.28

+ Add Driver Backup Feature

+ Add Driver Restore Feature

* Improve Feedback Feature

– Fix crash on some Windows system’s bug – Release Date: 2016.04.15

+ Multilanguage for: French, Spanish

* Improve Driver Install Engine

– Fixed Several Bugs – Release Date: 2016.04.06

+ Multilanguage for: Italian, Portuguese

– Fixed Several Bugs – Release Date: 2016.04.02 (Internal Version)

– Fixed Several Bugs – Release Date: 2016.04.01

+ Completely Redesigned UI

+ Completely Rewritten Driver Scan Engine

+ Completely Rewritten Driver Download Engine

+ Completely Rewritten Driver Install Engine

+ Enhanced Hardware Information

+ One-click “Update All” Feature – Release Date: 2016.03.01

* Fix a bug on Feedback feature – Release Date: 2015.12.30

– Improve Feedback feature