The verification email is an important part of login in to the game. So it could be really annoying when you couldn’t receive the email. Don’t worry, you’re not alone, come and read these fixes to solve the problem.

Method 1: Make sure there’re no misspelling

There’re a few reasons that you won’t see the verification emails, one of them is you misspelling your email address or the domain registered with your Epic Games account.

Method 2: Check your spam folder

Most of the time, the verification email is lying on your mail box but in the spam folder or a filter is blocking Epic Games’ messages.

So check your folders is a way to fix the issue.

If you have marked the domain as spam or blocked the address, refer to your internet service provider’s (ISP) support page for steps to unblock the address or unmark it as spam.

Put,, and in the whitelist so that you won’t encounter this problem again.

Method 3: Use another email address

Make sure you’re not using a role-based address like webmaster@ or postmaster@. Epic Games had posted an article about the list of words/names that can’t use in the email for the Epic games account.

If none of these actions helped, contact your internet service provider (ISP) to make sure they’re not blocking emails from

Method 4: Check your phone (for 2FA code)

Did you set your 2FA method to the authenticator APP or SMS? If you did, check your phone for an SMS or check the authentication app for Epic Games.

If none of the methods work, contact the Epic Games support team for help. You can submit a support ticket and wait for the support group.

Hope this post would help.

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