[Solved] Epson Scanner Not Working on Windows 10

By Camilla Mo in Scanner Issues

After upgrading to Windows 10, if your find your Epson scanner no longer work, don’t worry. You’re not alone. Many Windows 10 users have reported this issue. You can fix the problem by following the instructions below.

First, verify Epson Scan is not set to Compatibility Mode

The Epson Scan might be set to Compatibility Mode after you upgrade your system to Windows 10. So the first thing you can do is verify Epson Scan is not set to Compatibility Mode.

Follow these steps:

1) Right-click on the Epson Scan icon on the desktop, then click Properties.

2)  Go to Compatibility tab. If the check box next to Run this program in compatibility mode for, uncheck it. Then click the OK button. 

3) On your keyboard, press Windows logo key  and R key at the same time to invoke the Run box.

4) Type services.msc and click the OK button to open the Services window: 

5) Right click Windows Image Acquisition (WIA), then click Properties.

6) Make sure Startup type is set to Automatic and the Service status to Running, the click Apply > OK.

7) Check to see if you scanner works

Update Scanner Drivers

The scanner driver may  be removed after upgrading to Windows 10. Or the installed drivers may be not compatible with Windows 10. So to fix the problem, you can try to update the scanner drivers.

There are two ways you can get the right drivers for your Epson scanner: manually or automatically.

Manual driver update – You can update your Epson scanner driver manually by going to Epson official website to download and search for the most recent Windows 10 driver. Be sure to choose only driver that is compatible with your variant of Windows 10.

Automatic driver update – If you don’t have time, patience, or computer skills to update drivers manually, you can do it automatically with Driver Easy.

Driver Easy will automatically recognize your system and find the correct drivers for it. You don’t need to know exactly what system your computer is running, you don’t need to risk downloading and installing the wrong driver, and you don’t need to worry about making a mistake when installing.

You can update your drivers automatically with either the FREE or the Pro version of Driver Easy. But with the Pro version it takes just 2 clicks (and you get full support and a 30-day money back guarantee):

1) Download and install Driver Easy.

2) Run Driver Easy and click the Scan Now button. Driver Easy will then scan your computer and detect any problem drivers.

3) Click the Update button next to a flagged Epson scanner driver to automatically download and install the correct version of this driver (you can do this with the FREE version). 

Or click Update All to automatically download and install the correct version of all the drivers that are missing or out of date on your system (this requires the Pro version – you’ll be prompted to upgrade when you click Update All).


Hope the instructions above help you fix your Epson scanner not working issue. If you have any ideas or suggestions, please leave your comment. We’d love to hear of any ideas.

  • Stewart Yodelling Boy Ogilvie-

    Scanner worked if connected through USB but this fix has it running as it should – wirelessly! Many thanks. Odd that the printer side of things always worked!

  • Prince Randorson

    My Epson WF-2650 works as a printer but not as a scanner. Can not install drivers.

  • Jose M.

    Worked for me… THANKS!!!

  • dogdays1

    Same with me. My Epson Office will work as printer but not as a scanner. The Epson web site is a disgrace,their help desk is no better,they deserve to go broke. To hell with them. As a matter of principle I will not put up with this sort on nonsense from any company.Who do they think they are British Leyland cars!

  • zygocat

    I had this problem for months.. printer found and then not being
    found… then being found and not being found … usually not being
    found on the days i needed it most… BUT I SOLVED THE PROBLEM ONCE AND
    FOR ALL. I bought a Canon. No problems now and I’ve realised how
    absolutely ridiculous and lazy epson are for letting this problem affect
    their devices. I feel like an idiot for putting up with it for so long and i recommend to anyone who has purchased one recently and has any software issues… take it back and swap it for another brand.

    • mDon Dv

      Which Canon? I was looking at the CanoScan LiDE220 because of price, but some of the reviews have the very same complains about WIn10 compatibility as the Epson. I have no interest in printer scanners anymore, after this Epson problem, only stand alone scanners.

  • Lana

    I’ve tried all the options from the comments and nothing works! It doesnt make any sense that a scanner won’t work and requires so much work around it to be set up and work properly! what can i do? i’m nearly giving up and i need my scanner!!!!!

    • Camilla Mo

      Hi Lana,

      If you’ve tried using Driver Easy to update the drivers and it doesn’t work, please feel free to contact our support team for further assistance at support@drivereasy.com.

  • Tried all possible solutions found online. New PC, Windows 10. Do not find either Scanner Settings that are supposed to be in Control Panel, nor WIA in EpsonScan or Vuescan softwares. Now what?

    • Camilla Mo

      Hi Jeanne Tifft,

      Have you tried using Driver Easy to update the drivers. If Driver Easy doesn’t work, please feel free to contact our support team at support@drivereasy.com for further assistance.

  • mDon Dv

    Tried all the steps in the article, read down to the comments and tried the suggestions in the comments, including the IP thing which never showed up in the scan, even disabled the antivirus before uninstalling and reinstalling the Epson drivers, still the scanner doesn’t work with Epson drivers, it works just fine with PhotoScore Ultimate, but the Twain scanning software I tried all attempted to load the failed Epson driver.
    Everything started as administrator, no solution for something which worked fine before Windows 10.

    An interesting detail: the recent updates to Windows 7 in my Netbook also appear to have disabled the Epson drivers, though I don’t quite remember whether I tried using the scanner with the Netbook before (I did update it to Windows 10, then went back to Win 7 for speed, if that matters for our current issue here).

    [Solved] almost sounds like “abandoned” . . . .

  • Peter Douglas

    I have this same problem with 2 Epson printers connected to my desktop via WiFi, an Epson XP-630 and a ET-2500, the Epson scan prog says can’t find files, I’ve uninstalled and reinstalled, checked all recommendations and still it won’t work. I bought a third party scanning prog and it works on both scanners, weird huh ??. Weirder still is that I installed the Epson Print and Scan app onto my windows 10 desktop and it works, but the installed scan prog from the install disc or download will not, I give up 🙂

  • Camilla Mo

    Hi Arun,

    Thanks for you sharing. Your comments may help others as well.

  • Travis Brown

    yeah sorry, this doesn’t work in my case. Windows 10 has been installed for awhile, just added the scanner, downloaded the Epson “windows 10” drivers (which are actually their ancient vista drivers and scan software) and the program doesn’t work. The buttons on the scanner itself does send things out and scan properly, but I have no software to manage multi-page scans 🙁

  • Juan Robledo

    Thanks a lot it worked

  • Anna A

    We have 3 epson scanners at the office (all different models) on 3 separate computers and all of a sudden they all stopped working about a month ago. We called tech support – no luck. We reinstalled the software and it worked for that day. The next day same issue. We haven’t been able to find a resolution so we just leave our scanners on now (after first successfully reinstalling the software) and they’ve been working fine. Doesn’t seem like the best solution, but works for now.

  • Lee

    My Epson Scanner software was working fine about 2 weeks ago. Tried using it today and it won’t even open. Guessing there has been a Windows update that has changed it. Anyone else have any luck?

  • lililatz

    Hello, I am experiencing the same issue as MarkMI.
    When I select scan it starts then it stops responding. I suddenly get the following message: “Scan processing was interrupted. Scanned images will be saved as files” The message box contains 3 options: “Edit Page”; “Save File”, “Do Not Save”.
    On PDF type, sometimes I can scan a page and sometimes it will allow me to add a new page, but at some point it will stop giving me the same error message.
    I am running Windows 10
    I have also uninstalled/reinstalled it and still got the same error message.

  • MarkMI

    I found the Epson Scan software does not scan. When I select scan it starts then it stops responding and have to close it down. I suspect something in the software changed. I am running Windows 10 (Latest version). I can scan if I go to control panel / hardware/ printers and right click on the all in one printer and select scan it will scan (basic settings), but will scan and save it to a temp folder. But at least I have a scan.
    PS: I have tried turning my McAfee security software off and still the Epson Scan software does not work. I also removed it and reinstalled it and still NO scanning at least the printer works.

  • Denise

    I was scanning and suddenly it wouldn’t scan but I had a pop up on the printer ADF what is this

  • John Martoccio

    This is not the only issue, I found that I could not run Epson Scan or the Epson Event Manager, unless running as Administrator. Even then the buttons won’t work from the scanner to the Event Manager.

    I can now run Scan’s manually, just no driver-to-Windows 10(x64) button functionality even after reinstalling all Epson software.

    • Joshua Smith

      how do you even run the scanner manually? I have a perfection 1650 and it scans perfect using a 3rd party twain from vuescan but they leave a watermark on the image until you buy the whole program for $29, and I’m not doing that when I got the scanner for 2$ at a thrift store. I have tried to install latest drivers but they only go up to Windows Vista operating system, as I am running Windows 10 like you. I just want scanning capability without the damn water mark.

  • Tevin

    Thanks this is exactly what fixed my work scanner.

  • Ron

    A change in the router (such as upgrading), etc. can cause an IP address issue. It would be helpful if you shared this:
    On the printer, go to Setup>Network Settings, press OK to select “Confirm Network Settings”; Check the IP Address
    Make sure the IP address matches the Epson Scan settings on the computer. On the computer go to Start, All programs, Select Epson, Epson Scan, and Settings. If the IP address does not match, delete the scanner and add a new one with a matching IP address