[Solved] Microsoft Print to PDF Not Working on Windows 10

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Print to PDF is a new amazing feature built in Windows 10. Users can print their files, like JPG, Word file, as a PDF file. Such a helpful tool! However, many users had complained that Microsoft Print to PDF not working on their Windows 10. Luckily, we’ve got the answer to it. Here in this article, we will be showing you the top effective ways to solve the problem. Please go on with the easy steps with images below, you would get your print to PDF work again then.

1. Turn off Microsoft Print to PDF feature and turn it on again
2. Enable there are no comma in the file name you enter
3. Set Microsoft Print to PDF as default printer
4. Remove & restore Microsoft Print to PDF and reinstall its driver

Way one. Turn off Microsoft Print to PDF feature and turn it on again

Type windows feature in the search box from Start menu.
Then click Turn Windows features on or off from the top result.

Scroll down on pop-up Windows features window.
Find and clear the box of Microsoft Print to PDF.
Then click OK to save settings.

Reboot your Windows 10.
Then follow step 1 again to open Windows features window.
This time find and tick on Microsoft Print to PDF to enable it.
Then click OK to save changes. 

Now your print to PDF should work properly.

Way two. Enable there are no comma in the file name you enter

If the file name of PDF you want to save contain commas, the file would be created with 0 bytes and you cannot find it at saving folder. As a result, it seems your Microsoft Print to PDF not working. In such case, please avoid use comma or any other specific notations in the file name.

Way three. Set Microsoft Print to PDF as default printer

Type printer in the search box from Start menu.
Then click Devices and Printers from the top result.

Find and right-click on Microsoft Print to PDF under Printers dialog on Devices and Printers window.
Then click Set as default printer.

Way four. Remove Microsoft Print to PDF and reinstall its driver

Follow step 1 of Way three to open Devices and Printers window.

Find and right-click on Microsoft Print to PDF under Printers dialog.
Then click Remove device.
Click Yes when asked to confirm.

Right-click on the blank area on Devices and Printers window to choose Add devices and printers.

Click The printer that I want isn’t listed.

Tick on Add a local printer or network printer with manual settings.
Then click Next.

Choose PORTPROMPT: (Local Port) from the drop-down list under Use an existing port.
Then click Next

Set Manufacturer Microsoft and Printers be Microsoft Print to PDF.
Click Next to go on.

Tick on Replace the current driver.
Then click Next.

Click Next.

Now you have restore your Microsoft Print to PDF. Click Finish to complete the process. 
You can use it properly now.

That’s all there is to it.
Any questions please feel free to leave your comment below, thanks!

  • PW

    I tried all four options with no luck. Now what?

  • LF

    Running as Win10 Desktop, I have to say this is the first time in about a decade and a half that a troubleshooter actually worked. Credit is to be given where credit is due, and I have noticed the efforts by Microsoft (although this seems petty, when the freakin’ thing doesn’t work for years, one gets p-ssed off; this has given me further confidence in using MS’s products).

  • Arvind Iraye

    unable to see the microsoft print to pdf option in windows feature as well

    what to do please suggest,
    i keep my system for update.

    • April Cai

      Hi, Arvind. If Microsoft Print to PDF missing in your Windows feature, please try to follow the Way Four from the step 3 to reinstall it. I hope this works.

  • José Manuel Nunes

    After Step 9 , it says driver was not installed catastrophic failure!

  • Liz Weber

    Thank you for sharing this! I did option 1 and it worked great, and now I know to stop trying to Save PDFs with commas. :

  • Rachel Brasseur Picard

    The first option was all I needed ! Wonderful

  • Joe Brown

    Microsoft print to PDF driver is not being displayed how will i be able to download the same

  • Anton

    For me works the first solution in Windows features. Thanks
    After reading comments, I have realized, that in the name of the file was undrescore, like this file_something.pdf

  • Nora Kristine Marks

    Oh and with the read-only folder business? Do everything from your desktop and then drag documents in and out of your folder as needed. It’s a workaround until a real fix happens. It may end up being setting up new folders.

  • Nora Kristine Marks

    None of these worked. I finally dragged the jpeg to my desk top, right clicked and it printed just fine. Forget printing from the photo program. There are glitchy permission things lurking all over the place in 10 and Edge. So far these have baffled 3 IT people as to fixing (ie: folders randomly becoming read only, and no amount of permission changing and box-unchecking fixes them. ) Another gift from Microsoft >:-/ Wish they would beta test for longer than 2 minutes before release. And with real people doing it.

  • John Dudley

    Had commas in my file name. Removed them, and it worked. Thanks!

  • akgrover

    The very first option of switching off and on the Windows features worked. Great!
    Thank you so much.

  • Kevin Robertson

    Apparently the problem I had was that the name of the folder where I wanted to save the pdf had a comma in it, not the name of the pdf itself. So when I removed the comma from the folder name it worked. Thanks for putting me on the right trail!