[Solved] Stretched Screen Issues for Windows 10

Camilla Mo, in Graphic issues
After you upgrade to Windows 10 or reinstall Windows 10, if you find the screen is stretched, you can tell this is a screen resolution problem. The problem caused can be due to incorrect resolution configuration or faulty Graphics drivers. Read on and find the solutions on how to fix the resolution problem on Windows 10.

First, check display settings and change it if necessary

Follow these steps.

1. Right-click on the desktop and click Display settings on the context menu.

2.  Click Advanced display settings.

resolution advanced display settings

3. Be sure the resolution is set at the recommended level. If not, change it to that one.

recommended resolution windows 10

4. Reboot your PC and see if the problem persists.

If the problem persists, it most probably was caused by faulty Graphics drivers, then try the following resolutions.

Uninstall the Graphics driver in Device Manager

Follow these steps.

1. Press Win+R (Windows key and R key) at the same time. A Run dialog box will appear.
2. Type devmgmt.msc in the run box and click OK button.

device manager

3. Expand category “Display adapters”. Under this category, right-click on the video device (In this case, the video device is Intel HD Graphics.)and select Uninstall on the context menu.

intel HD Graphics

4. There might be a Confirm Device Uninstall window pop up. Click the box next to Delete the driver software for this device and click OK button.

Intel HD Graphics 2

5. Reboot your PC. After that, Windows will reinstall the Graphics driver automatically. 

Update the Graphics driver

If the problem still can’t be resolved, update the Graphics driver.

You can check for the latest Windows 10 Graphics driver on the website of device manufacturers. If you are using a brand company, you can go to the PC manufacturer’s website to download the driver. If not, go to the video card manufacturer’s website to download the latest driver. 

Downloading drivers manually cannot be easy. It is possible that you don’t find  the right driver after spending much time on it. To update the driver more easily, you can use Driver Easy to help you (Click here to download Driver Easy).

Driver Easy can scan your computer and detect all problem drivers, then give you a list of new drivers. It has Free version and Professional version. Both versions can be used to download drivers quickly, but the speed of Free version is limited and you are required to install the driver step by step. To save more time, you can consider upgrading to Professional version. With Professional version, you can even update all drivers with one click. And you will enjoy free technical support and 30-day money back guarantee. You can ask for further assistance regarding the screen resolution problem and ask for a full refund for any reason. 

Just click here to download Driver Easy and update the Graphics driver quickly.

After trying solutions above, your screen resolution problem should resolve.

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  • Savannah Shipman

    Is ti supposed to have the caution yellow triangle under display adapters?

    • Camilla Mo

      Hi Savannah Shipman,

      Have you tried to update the drivers?

  • chennampalli murali

    Hi friend,

    If the issue belongs to virtual machine means,

    please follow below steps:

    go ti vm–>edit settings–>power off
    video card->total video memory change to 30 or 40

    go to login vm–>
    change now settings,

    before that update all windows update.

    issue will reolve

  • Bob Rooney

    Windows 10 is a complete nightmare. i have a 24″ dynex 1080p monitor and a 40″ NEC 1080p monitor/tv. the NEC would stretch like crazy. no scaling percent would fix it. the nonsense from the internet spewing so called support was even more worthless than the MS forums. hey genius, win 10 already downloads the latest drivers for your video card automatically. its one of its major annoyances, so please stop telling people to update their video card drivers. I’m running a sapphire R9 290 with the latest crimson drivers, and the stretching on the tv was getting to me. what also annoyed me was people saying it was their tv. if that fix dont work, its not your tv, duh. its the refresh rate. the peons at MS programmed win10 to install a default monitor driver that defaults to the lowest refresh rate, throwing everything off. right click, display settings, and scroll down and click on display adapter properties. Click on List All Modes and see if a higher refresh rate fixes the problem. mine defaulted at 25hz interlaced when my tv was 60hz non-interlaced.

  • velocityguy22

    Hi yesterday my computer got updated to ‘Windows 10 Enterprise N’ Version 1703. Now my problem is my resolution in my setting are just 1024×768 & 800×600. My screen is very stretched up & magnified, i’m not able to increase the resolution & i tried to update the display drives & its all updated. Restarted the pc. Still the same. And i found out my display setting is different from what you have showed.

    • Camilla Mo

      Hi velocityguy22,

      What is the display setting on your side?

    • Camilla Mo

      Hi velocityguy22,

      Please check if your monitor supports higher resolution than 1024×768. What graphics card you have installed and what is the monitor model?

      • velocityguy22

        Yes, my monitor can support more than 1024×768. It was fine before the update. i have build in ATI Radeon HD 3000 graphics. Now after the update i believe the driver has to be updated. Thats the only issue i see here

    • Stephanie La Plante

      Me too! This update needs an update.

      • velocityguy22

        ikr, for now just uninstall it