[Solved] Stretched Screen Issues for Windows 10

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stretched screen windows 10
Fix stretched screen issue in windows 10

If you find your computer screen is stretched on Windows 10, you can tell this is a screen resolution problem. The problem caused can be due to incorrect resolution configuration or faulty Graphics drivers. Just use the solutions in this post to fix the problem.

First, check display settings and change it if necessary

Follow these steps.

1) Right-click the desktop and click Display settings on the context menu.

2) Click Advanced display settings.

resolution advanced display settings

3) Be sure the resolution is set at the recommended level. If not, change it to the recommended solution.

recommended resolution windows 10

4) Reboot your PC and check to see if the problem is resolved.

If the problem persists, it most probably was caused by faulty Graphics drivers. Try to uninstall or update the graphics card drivers.

Uninstall the graphics driver

Follow these steps.

1) Press Win+R (Windows logo key and R key) at the same time to invoke the run box.

2) Type devmgmt.msc click OK.

device manager

3) Expand the “Display adapters” category. Under this category, right-click the graphics card (In this case, the video device is Intel HD Graphics.) and click Uninstall.

intel HD Graphics

4) When prompted to confirm device uninstall, click OK (click the box next to Delete the driver software for this device if you see this option).

Intel HD Graphics 2

5) Reboot your PC and check to see if the problem is resolved.

Update the graphics driver

If steps above doesn’t resolve the problem, try to update the graphics card drivers.

If you don’t have the time, patience or computer skills to update the drivers manually, you can do it automatically with Driver Easy.

Driver Easy will automatically recognize your system and find the correct drivers for it. You don’t need to know exactly what system your computer is running, you don’t need to risk downloading and installing the wrong driver, and you don’t need to worry about making a mistake when installing.

You can update your drivers automatically with either the FREE or the Pro version of Driver Easy. But with the Pro version it takes just 2 clicks:

1) Download and install Driver Easy.

2) Run Driver Easy and click Scan Now. Driver Easy will then scan your computer and detect any problem drivers.

3) Click the Update button next to the graphics card driver to automatically download and install the correct version of this driver (you can do this with the FREE version). Or click Update All to automatically download and install the correct version of all the drivers that are missing or out of date on your system (this requires the Pro version – you’ll be prompted to upgrade when you click Update All).

Hope the solutions above help you fix the stretched screen issue in Windows 10. If you have any questions, please comment below. We’d love to hear of any suggestions. 🙂

  • Sam Spade

    my problem is a little different . . I think! Since the Creator update I am having trouble is some apps/games where the screen I am trying to work on is way too large for my monitor [1920×1080 res. running GeForce GTX970] ] so I am mising buttons at the bottom of the screen and stuff on the sides. I have tried sizing down./ using windowed mode but to no avail. iDoes anyone have a solution or advice to offer please.

  • Jim Mabbun

    I uninstalled the display driver under the device manager and refreshed to automatically detect and reinstall it and BOOM!! it solved my problem..

  • Holly Avona

    I have the ATI Radeon HD 3200 graphics with windows 10 its saying that its updated but have sound but no picture with a video

  • Markus Guse

    Your awesome 2 days I’ve been trying to fix this … this worked

  • Roberto Kirchhoff

    So have the same problem, updates are supposed to help, not hinder. I will try these steps, better than average with computers, I hope. I like Star Wars and Star Trek, now, Star Trek 3 was not the best, had a memorable line by Scotty: The more complex the plumbing, the easier it is to stop up the drain, very similar to computers, internet, smartphones, etc!

  • These “tips” isn’t really helping more than being newbie-guides to setting up your videocard.

    Frekkin win 10 got updated and now the screen is one cm to big making the screen cropped on the TV. Same resolution as before and everything…

  • ctwatcher✓ᵛᵉʳᶦᶠᶦᵉᵈ

    They just did this to me! After installing 10 without me allowing it. I have no advanced settings to click.

  • Elle

    I just stumbled across this. I already uninstalled and reinstalled the driver, so I can’t rollback. Does anyone have any other suggestion. This screen is making me crazy! Thank you!!

  • Shannon McKay

    Thank-you! Totally fixed my computer after days of utter frustration!

  • Edward Alcaraz

    I had an issue with latest windows update. Screen went to 1024×768. Tried to roll back driver but rollback menu was grayed out. I have the Radeon 3200, and a month ago I rolled back drivers because the display adapter updated. This time it wouldn’t allow me to do that due to the grayed out menu. Followed Mike Washburn’s advice, went to update and rolled back to a 2015 driver, and presto it worked. I’m a computer tech and it took an hour or so to putz around with various fixes, none of which worked. Only yours worked. Thanks Mike!

  • rod lopez

    thank you so much!! i was going crazy over this, i did the same thing and now everything is working just fine!!

  • bob ebersole

    I also had a windows 10 home edition that didn’t have an advanced selection.
    I rolled back my display driver by.
    Right click Windows icon at bottom left of main screen.
    click settings.
    click system display notifications power.
    click display.
    click display adapter properties.
    click properties.
    click driver.
    click roll back driver.

  • Jim

    Brilliant – I was beginning to worry as was struggling to get my screen back to normal until I saw this. Wht did they release this update???????

  • Mikaela IAM

    I have this issue currently. It hates me. For the record your first step is not up to date. There are no advanced settings available forthe display.

  • Natalie Humiston

    This happened to me on 11/23. Did this happen to anyone else?

  • Andrea

    OMG @davidmcsparron:disqus – this worked perfectly! Thank you – so easy!!

  • Bob Z

    Fixed by doing a Restore to the Restore Point prior to the last Windows update. Three of the seven computers I manage had this problem. The problem did not return. I suspect Microsoft has pulled the bad software upgrade.


    Hi. Windows update caused this stretched screen problem for me on November 23. After finding this site (finally!) I rolled back the driver and all was well. Today, the latest windows update (Fall Creator) has caused the same problem – stretched and distorted screen – and the rollback option is now greyed-out on the display adaptor driver tab (ATI Mobility Radion HD 3650). I tried updating it but it says the best driver is installed and I’m not offered anything else. Can anyone please help?
    Thank you, Miriam

  • katherine kilgour

    I have a HD3600 Series driver and none of these work for me… any advice pretty please? Thanks so much….

  • MaryAnne Hagopian

    David, Thank you so much!!! This is the only thing that worked for me. It was driving me crazy!

  • Sash

    Thank you so much. I was not able to find any solution from last few days for it. It worked me sigh relief.

  • Maureen Morgan

    A million thanks! Like everyone else, your advice is the ONLY advice that worked!

  • Morgan Cherney
  • Richard Hedges

    I had exactly the same problem with my screen resolution just deciding to change of it’s own accord to a stretched image with huge fuzzy icons. I called up IT help from from my ISP who worked on the problem for an hour without sorting it out. It occurred to me that it was being caused by a Windows 10 update so I independently restored to pre- Windows 10 version 1709 update and the problem fixed itself. At least for 5 or 10 minutes and then the screen returned to stretched images. What was happening was that Windows 10 version 1709 update was repeatedly downloading so my only solution was to restore to an earlier version and turn off Windows 10 updates. Problem fixed and then I read the comments on this site and it dawned on me that my ATI Radeon 3000 display driver was being updated through the Windows 10 version 1709 update. I think I’ll leave Windows 10 updates turned off permanently.

  • Ronald Rust

    I have tried every available fix I can find online up to and including downloading Driver Easy. I have an ATI Radeon HD 4500 display adapter and even Driver Easy says no upgrade. I have just about had it with the greyed out Rollback, no Advanced Display Settings and nothing that matches up with anything anyone is telling me. I am just about done with Windows and this piece of junk operating system. If anyone has any magic in their back pocket, email me. Never mind. I just wanted to thank Mike as I followed his advice ONCE again and it worked this time. My thoughts on fellow humanity is renewed. Certainly not Microsoft1

  • Michael Reiter

    Thank you!

  • Emma

    I still can’t seem to fix the problem, even with all these suggestions. The rollback option is available, but that didn’t do anything. And if I follow the suggestion with Update driver > Browse my computer > Choose from a list, the compatible drivers on the list aren’t dated, so I can’t choose “the older drive”. I have tried them all though, nothing happens. I have ATI Radeon Mobility HD 4250 display driver. Anyone have the same driver and managed to fix it or have any ideas?

  • Betsy T.

    Thanks ! It worked for me too !

  • Vinay Singri

    Rolling back ATI Mobility Radeon HD 4500 series driver worked like a charm.Thank you so much !!

  • Dot Johnson

    Thank you. Thank you. THANK YOU!

  • Coffmann

    thanks for the wonderful write-up. it worked perfectly

  • Rachel Lenkowski

    Oh thank you, I thought my older laptop was ruined, this simple fix restored it back to functionality. Thank you!

  • Lan Porkchops

    The Rollback solution worked (:

  • ohverify

    I did the driver rollback, and it’s not all that much better. I’ve spent countless hours messing with stuff too, and it’s just not back to where it was.

    I could just throttle whoever put this update through! I’m furious.

  • Joe

    Thank you! I did a system restore to narrow down what the issue was. I should have known it was a new update. Seems that is usually the case when everything is working fine, then out of the blue, for no reason something goes wonky. I know that technological advancement would be tough if we stuck to the old “If it ain’t broke, don’t fix it” rule, and I appreciate Microsoft trying to help me become some kind of a computer system troubleshooting guru, but damn! I swear these unexpected/unexplained changes are gonna send me to an early grave one of these days! :

  • Sheryl

    Two days ago while I was online, my screen went black and when it came back everything was zoomed in. I tried updating windows which took ALL DAY and today I checked my computer and it was still zoomed in. I tried uninstalling ATI Radeon 3000 Graphics and restarting computer, but that didn’t work. I went back to Device Manager and the ATI Radeon 3000 Graphics is still there. It reinstalled after restarting. The roll back update button is grey. Computer is on 1024 x 768 (recommended). Can someone please help me!!? This is so frustrating. I have Windows 10.


    Thank you so much – this worked for me too!

  • Bolder_Stever

    Everyone: THANK YOU!!!!!
    This exact problem happened to me after a system update a couple days ago. I probably spent 6 hours going crazy, trying umpteen different things. This fixed it in two minutes.
    CLEARLY, the latest update has a problem. Is there any way to let the company know? I’m sure for many other people are having this problem and don’t know how to fix it, or were exploring the many blind alleys I tried.

  • Gerry Fenge

    David McSparron’s fix worked for me (many thanks for that!) but then Windows pushed through a lot more updates overnight and I was left with a widescreen stretch again. This time ‘Rollback Driver Update’ was greyed out, but Mike Washburn’s fix did the trick (so many thanks for that!). I now have a January 2015 Driver. Will that be a problem? Will Windows let me keep it? Will their next surge of updates send me widescreen stretch again? How do we stop them?

  • James Bird

    Having the same issue with my laptop. Updated a couple of days ago (23/11/2017) and now the screen is all stretched. I’ve tried rolling back, tried to download a legacy version of the driver and even tried restoring the laptop back to the day before which didn’t work.

    I don’t know if I’m just doing this wrong – I have tried to follow instructions on here but can someone point me in the direction or help??? THANKS

  • David Martin Frater MellivoraC

    You need to roll back your driver to a previous state.
    Open Device Manager.
    Right-click the device for which you want to roll back to the previous version of the driver, in this case ATI or whatever other graphic card driver/monitor driver you have and then click Properties.
    Click the Drivers tab.
    Click Roll Back Driver.
    In the Driver Package rollback dialog box, click Yes.
    That should fix the problem only took me 6 hours of screwing around to figure it out hopefully this saves some people some time.

  • Karen Schaffer

    Thanks so much, worked for me too

  • ohverify

    Same problem. Thanks to all who are trying to help. I’m hesitant to tinker too much, but this is not a comfortable viewing status.

    Has anyone complained to Microsoft? Are they going to come in with a fix anyway?

    • NettieYork

      same problem, and hesitant to tinker as well.

  • Johnathon

    I also have no option to go back to 1920×1080

  • Johnathon

    No advanced display setting option for me…can’t even turn the brightness down anymore, I searched through settings, no brightness option or rollback.

  • i have this problem too. my screen is stretched and zoomed.
    i tried ressetting my laptop to an older date which fixed the problem but after 1 hr it justed automatically changed resolution(tried doing this another 3 times, same results)
    my display setting is different from what you have shown here. the layout is different. it only has 2 option for the resolution and i am on the 1 that is recomended.
    what do i do?

    Btw if i uninstal the graphics driver, do i have instal it again?

  • Cris Meier

    I too have ATI Radeon HD 4200, so hit “Uninstall Device”. Scared, but will that fix it??

  • Mike Washburn

    I had the same issue with the ATI Radeon HD4200 display driver. The button to Rollback my driver was grayed out but the following worked for me:
    1. In Device Manager, right click on the Display Adapter Driver and choose Update Driver
    2. Choose ‘Browse my computer’
    3. Choose ‘Let me pick from a list…’
    4. Choose an older driver (in my case it was ATI Radeon HD 4200 Version: 8.970.100.9001 [01/13/2015]) and click Next

    • Natasha Olsowski

      This finally worked for me! Thank goodness!

    • thanks boss,
      finally work

    • Carol Messier

      I’ve been searching for a fix since yesterday and this worked. Thank you!

    • Lynn

      YES!! I was going insane trying to figure out what happened! I thought it was me who inadvertently clicked something. This solution worked for me, thank you!

    • Geoffrey Farmer

      Happy days…..worked thanks

    • Michela M

      Had the same Rollback option grayed out and this fix worked perfectly. Thanks!!

      • Camille Hicks

        Same here !!!

    • Uros

      Many thanks. This was the only solution that worked for me!!!

    • Fussa Boy

      if i could, I would buy you a drink for this fix. Thank you, three days of this shit, back and forth, back and forth, finally. Your fix worked. – I HATE WINDOWS 10 – Thanks again.

    • Deborah Chalmers

      Brilliant! That worked for me, too. Thank you!

    • BrianT

      Been trying to fix this for the longest time! Thanks for the awesome solution

    • Lisa Colquitt

      It worked!! Thank you SO much! That stretched screen was driving me crazy.

      • Camille Hicks

        Me toooooooooooooooo !!!

    • Mizfit 1997

      Bruh.. It worked!!! THANK YOU VERY MUCH!!

    • Pete19

      You, my friend, are a FREAKING GENIUS!!! I’ve been at this for three days – my screen resolution changed abruptly on Thanksgiving. I had my brother-in-law (runs a computer center) working on it virtually all Thanksgiving and he couldn’t correct it. I rolled back my driver to a 2015 version and – voila! – all good! So, DOES ANYONE KNOW WHAT HAPPENED on 11/23 That caused us all this grief??

      • Camille Hicks

        Same here and I really want to know what happen??

    • Patti

      Wonderful! I want to have your baby! (OK. I don’t really and I’m too old anyway, but thank you.)

      • Camille Hicks

        I know right !!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

    • Tomas Valenti

      OMG!! SUCCESS!!
      Thank you so much. All my friends who were looking very fat on my screen thank you too!!

    • MJP

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      • Camille Hicks

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    • Darlene Civilinski

      I’ve spent hours reading forums and trying to fix this issue when I found your post! THANK YOU!!! Choosing the older driver worked! 😀

      • Camille Hicks

        Same here and it worked for me ‘Thank you”

    • Dee

      Thank you so much. I thought someone had hacked my computer

    • Camille Hicks

      OMG, I have tried everything since 6am this morning and than I just came across your steps and followed them and problem fixed. Thank you sooooooooooooooooooooooooo much !!!

    • Peter

      Came here just to thank you Mike Washburn.
      It appears that Microsoft may have had an update that incompatible with the newer version of the driver? In my case, it’s AMD Radeon HD 6450. Version 11/4/2015 works, but newer version 7/25/2017 screws up.

    • Asakura Uchiha

      Thank you very much. Just came here to this site and none of this works, then I saw yours and it works thanks again.


      Thanks Mike,
      My screen is now back to normal after following your advice to choose an older driver from the list shown. You are a star.

    • Stupid old guy

      Wow…this solved my problem. Tried rolling back the update etc., nothing worked, and this is so simple. Thanks

    • Steve

      Thanks Mike! Worked exactly as you said.

    • Jared Bradshaw

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    • Terri Vert Rafter

      This is the solution that worked for me. Thank you SO much.

    • Oray L. AK

      that s just great! someone got it all sussed out

    • Thank you so much! What came back wasn’t perfect, but I can adapt from here. Yes, it was the same ATI Radeon HD4200 display driver everyone else is complaining about. I bet we’ll get another “fix” soon from Microsoft.

    • Ronald Rust

      Thank you so very much. After my last post on this subject, I was about to throw the laptop out the window. Appreciate your assistance. Only with Microsoft was a professional1

    • Greg Hanville

      Awesome recommendation!

    • KGSnow

      Thank you. I also have had this problem, and it happened on the evening of November 23, like so many others have said! Your solution worked for me also, but now I wonder if further problems will pop up in the future because Windows will continue to send updates. Anyway, it works now. I don’t understand the difference between going back to a restore point, which only worked for about 10 minutes, and rolling back to an older driver, which seems to be working now. Also, don’t panic if everything seems extra tiny after trying this fix – for some reason it settled in at about 60%, and I had to manually change it to 100%.

      • Mine happened the same day. I contacted the Microsoft help and he reset my driver back as well. I asked if this was going to be a recurring problem and all he said was that he was sending the problem to them team. Well, it happened again today and I had to go in a switch it back once more.

    • T Potts

      THANK YOU, THANK YOU, THANK YOU!!!! I had this problem show up on 11/23/17 also and it has been driving me insane trying to figure out what was causing it. Your fix is exactly what I needed and I can’t thank you enough.

    • RMO

      Thank you for posting this and for explaining the procedure very clearly. My hero.

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      Ditto ATI and driver details
      I don’t remember the previous resolution, but now its better and 1366X768

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      Thanks so much for posting this after three days of trying other things… this worked!

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      I have been frustrated with this since 11/23. I’ve tried so many things. This worked for me. I am so happy and thankful.
      Thank you for sharing your knowledge !

    • Elenor

      I tried this but it didn’t work for me. I see 3 of the ATI Radeon HD 4200 but I do not see a Version next to it. I tried changing it to the two ATI Radeon HD 4200 before it but nothing changed it back to it’s normal state. I’m wondering if I did something wrong or if anyone else has had the same issue? Also, I noticed that once I made the change that it is now permanently changed to “Resolution” 1024×768 meaning it’s now grayed out, where before I had an option to change it now I do not. Any suggestions? I appreciate any help with this as this screen resolution is killing my eyes.

    • Elenor

      I believe I have completely goofed it up here. I uninstalled the ATI Radeon after reading a post but now I do not have the “Display Adapter Drivers” under device manager anymore to re install.

      • Camilla Mo

        Hi Elenor,

        Thanks for your comment. I’m sorry to hear that.

        After uninstalling the driver, try to reboot your computer.

    • Jennifer Korp

      Thank you soooooo much! I couldn’t figure out what had happened and this totally worked! You are a god!

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    • Annette

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    • Mohamed Kharbouch

      Thank you Mike your fix did the trick for me.
      I have an ATI Radeon HD3870 on an old Dell XPS 420 running windows 10 Pro 64bit. After the recent update my screen resolution went down from 1920×1200 to 1600×1200 and lost the sleep button in power options.
      Using an older driver from Jan 2015 fixed it.

      Thanks again.

    • Sharif Smith

      Oh Em Gee!!! I was so pissed that my monitor would only do lower resolution and it even had my movies stuttering. Just like everyone else it happened on 23NOV17 and for some reason all the System Recovery Points disappeared. Thank you so much for this solution.

    • Chris Calder

      I wish it worked for me, but no it has not. After the windows 10 update even my second screen will not be reconised. Still huge and stretched fonts. Have spent all afternoon it. What a complete cockup of an update to do so much unwanted changes. What have I ended up with is CRAP

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  • For those having issues with their resolution, display, gpu, or graphics card driver after Feature Update Windows 10 version 1709: All Amd Ati Radeon HD 4000 graphics cards and older are no longer supported by Amd Ati and Microsoft Windows 10. However, you can make the old legacy Amd Ati drivers work on Windows 10. If you don’t have them, just download the ones you need from their website, and install / unpack them. Then in windows start menu search type in ‘device’, then select ‘Device Manager’. The Device Manager window will appear. Look for Display adapters, and expand it. The general model of your graphics card will show up. Right-click it, and select Update driver. A new window will pop up asking ‘How do you want to search for drivers?’ Choose ‘Browse my computer for driver software’. Now you can either browse to the install location of the legacy drivers or ‘Let me pick from a list of available drivers on my computer’. If you choose the second option a list of compatible drivers for your hardware will be displayed. The date behind each one is a great way to see which driver is new/broken and which are old/correct. I had to use this one: ATI Radeon HD 4800 Series Version 8.970.100.9001 [2015-01-13]. Click next and the driver will be installed, giving you your awesome resolution and game power back. 🙂

    • Theresa Pellett

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    • Keelan Mind Naleek

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    • Keelan Mind Naleek

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    • Martin Carreras

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    • Michael Sandmeier

      I am glad you posted this maartenvc. Thank you! The other tricks were not working for me. I have a AMD HD 4300/4500 series. I went to the AMD support website and manually selected my driver. It did not give Win 10 as an option for OS so I choose Win 8 64-bit and it gave me a old driver that seems to work great. (Display Driver ver. (1/20/2013)
      Here is the link for those who are still looking: http://support.amd.com/en-us/download

    • Jr Gong

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    • Bolder_Stever

      Maartenvc: Does this mean with every windows update, the problem will happen, and we will have to roll back the driver?
      Also it looks like my most recent Windows update did not install right. Do you know if this may keep happening?
      (And thanks)

  • David McSparron

    I had this same problem. I have Windows 10 Home Edition. My screen resolution suddenly changed from 1920×1080 to 1024×768 without me doing anything. My entire screen contents was stretched wide to fit the monitor thus distorting everything. I have an ATI Radeon HD4200 display adapter which supports high resolution on my wide-screen monitor. I went to Display Settings and the listed resolutions did not include my former setting. It said 1024×768 (recommended). So I went to Device Manager/Video Adapter and listed the events. I saw a Driver update for the previous day. So then in Device Manager/Video Adapter, I did a ‘Rollback Driver Update’, despite the dire warnings about doing it. Problem solved! Everything magically went back to normal and I breathed a huge sigh of relief.

    • RSC

      I’m having the exact same problem, but the rollback driver update button is light gray so I can’t even choose it. Any ideas?

      • Camilla Mo


        Have you tried to uninstall the driver?

      • Brandon Chase

        Same problem. Rollback is grey. I uninstall and looking at the events . It reinstalled when restarting

      • MY mom

        I had to system restore to an earlier build of windows … then go back and the roll back option was available .. then disable driver updates. Dont know if this will cause problems in the future but its working now.

    • Clive Francis

      mine is still not working

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    • A.K.M Zahidul Islam

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    • Karen Reiff

      This worked! I have been researching the internet for solutions for 2 days. I have the same display monitor as you do and when I looked at the events, sure enough there was an update from the previous day when all the trouble began. I also performed a driver rollback and volia! I am back in business. Thanks David!

    • biglou15

      Thank you thank you. Just did what you said and found that my ATI Radeon had a driver update on 11/23 and it was more of a turkey than the one I grilled yesterday. I selected the Rollback Driver Update and now my screen display is back to normal.

      • how do u do it bro, where is the rollback drive update located at?

        • biglou15

          Go to ‘Control Panel’. Click on ‘Device Manager’ then ‘Display Adapters’ under which you should see ATI Radeon HD4200. Click on it and a box appears in which there are 5 or so headings. Click on the ‘Events’ heading and then scroll thru the events log. I found an 11/23/17 download that had caused the problem and was the last in the list. So I went back and Clicked the Driver heading and at the bottom are 5 boxes one of which is Roll Back Driver and I hit it then went to OK. As soon as I did that my screen was back to normal. I just now looked at my events and have found out that several new driver events were downloaded but they are OK as my screen is still good. Good Luck.

    • Cally

      Thank you much! It worked!

    • biglou15

      Go to ‘Control Panel’. Click on ‘Device Manager’ then ‘Display Adapters’ under which you should see ATI Radeon HD4200. Click on it and a box appears in which there are 5 or so headings. Click on the ‘Events’ heading and then scroll thru the events log. I found an 11/23/17 download that had caused the problem and was the last in the list. So I went back and Clicked the Driver heading and at the bottom are 5 boxes one of which is Roll Back Driver and I hit it then went to OK. As soon as I did that my screen was back to normal. I just now looked at my events and have found out that several new driver events were downloaded but they are OK as my screen is still good. Good Luck. These downloads can really screw you up.

      • Andrew

        A thousand thank you’s kind sir!!! Beating my head against the wall for 3 days. I used system restore 3 times and exactly every time 10 minutes after getting everything going it would revert to the crappy ( what I now know as the update). Thought for sure that I I needed a new computer.

    • Freddy Max

      THANK YOU Sir 🙂
      THANK YOU Sir 🙂
      THANK YOU Sir 🙂
      THANK YOU Sir 🙂
      THANK YOU Sir 🙂

    • Linda Dawson

      Thank You!! It worked and my resolution is back to normal.

    • Amy Theisen

      Thank you so much!! I had updated drivers and tried so many things that didn’t work in the last 2 days. I was getting frantic here!

    • Nakia

      Thank you, David…although I did not have a video adapter listed. I was able to locate the display adapter. Once I clicked on that I seen the “Rollback Driver Update” option. After clicking that and waiting a few seconds, everything went back to its original style. NOT LIKING THIS WINDOW 10…I should have more of an option before they just start changing my stuff.

    • Rachel Chance

      Much better. Thank You!

    • Jeanne Rusciano

      OMG – it worked for me too. You are a genius. I didn’t believe how my screen could become so distorted so fast. The rollback driver update did the trick. Thanks again!

    • Tomas Valenti

      When I go the the Driver tab and try to click on the Roll Back Driver tab, it is greyed out and can’t click on it. HELP!!
      I wonder if it is because I tried some of the solutions up above, including uninstall driver. So now after the thanksgiving surprise listed on my events, I also have the event of installing today. Went to AMD’s site and it looks like they no longer support my card (ATI Radeon 4300/4500 series) and they rely on the grace of Windows to ‘sucessfully’ update us.


    • Linda Bedway

      Thank you so much! Talked my brother through your steps over the phone and it worked fixed their display immediately!

    • Shane Mauch

      YES!! Thank you so much! I have been frustrated for days trying to figure out what happen to my laptop! This worked perfectly!

    • TheMerryGoRoundOfLife

      It worked!! Thank you so much! For about 2-3 weeks, my screen has been stuck on a resolution of 1024 x 768, with only 2 other options available to change the resolution (800 by 600 and something else). My screen display was very bulky(?) and the text and icons were ‘fat’. The image quality had also decreased and was not as sharp. Now, my screen is back to normal and is showing a resolution of 1366 x 768 (recommended), with 7 other options available. Thank you once again.

  • Donny Deranged

    My computer just did an automatic update and upon opening up – the monitor was configured to a ‘square’ instead of its normal rectangle with large out of focus icons. After spending over an hour trying different settings for both my monitor and from my desktop … I was able to get the imagery size corrected, but it is still either a square format – or if I expand it to fill the screen the images become distorted due to stretching.
    Infuriating because I have had Windows 10 installed for over a year without this problem – but during one these uninvited “updates” it has messed up my monitor after years of not having a single problem.
    FYI – this “update” occurred during a normal reboot … nothing I wanted, it happened automatically.

    What was also odd – was when I saw the bizarre square monitor configuration – I realized some problem must have occurred as a result of this update since I had not touched my computer during that time.

    As a result, since it had been several hours since the reboot upgrade had occurred and I had not touched it during this time – I decided to ‘reboot’ my computer again … hoping what malfunction occurred during the update, would be corrected.
    When I clicked on ‘restart’ – the option had been modified to say “Restart and Update” instead – despite having just received an update during my prior reboot a few hours prior. It would seem that the entity behind this update realized there were problems and made adjustments with another update soon after.
    Surprisingly – my second reboot came along with yet another mandatory 2nd “update” – yet did nothing to solve my monitor issues created by the original update. INFURIATING. I am tired of these uninvited ‘updates’ creating problems.

    • Lucie Pelikanova

      The same to us. 5 PC all with bad resolution after common Windows Update
      The problem is with ATI Radeon 3000 series card.
      And I don’t know, how change graphic devices (ATI Radeon 3000 not support Windows 10).
      But 2 years it worked normally.

    • David McSparron

      There’s a setting on your computer you can set for it to ask permission before making updates. Can’t remember how to do that but if you Google it, you’ll find it. That being said, whenever you do give it permission to do the updates, it could still screw you up. In Device Manager, it lists all Driver Updates (events) and you can roll them back.

      • Jade

        How do you roll them back?

  • enamul

    uninstall solve my problem, great , thanks !!!!!!!


  • Savannah Shipman

    Is ti supposed to have the caution yellow triangle under display adapters?

    • Camilla Mo

      Hi Savannah Shipman,

      Have you tried to update the drivers?

  • chennampalli murali

    Hi friend,

    If the issue belongs to virtual machine means,

    please follow below steps:

    go ti vm–>edit settings–>power off
    video card->total video memory change to 30 or 40

    go to login vm–>
    change now settings,

    before that update all windows update.

    issue will reolve

  • Bob Rooney

    Windows 10 is a complete nightmare. i have a 24″ dynex 1080p monitor and a 40″ NEC 1080p monitor/tv. the NEC would stretch like crazy. no scaling percent would fix it. the nonsense from the internet spewing so called support was even more worthless than the MS forums. hey genius, win 10 already downloads the latest drivers for your video card automatically. its one of its major annoyances, so please stop telling people to update their video card drivers. I’m running a sapphire R9 290 with the latest crimson drivers, and the stretching on the tv was getting to me. what also annoyed me was people saying it was their tv. if that fix dont work, its not your tv, duh. its the refresh rate. the peons at MS programmed win10 to install a default monitor driver that defaults to the lowest refresh rate, throwing everything off. right click, display settings, and scroll down and click on display adapter properties. Click on List All Modes and see if a higher refresh rate fixes the problem. mine defaulted at 25hz interlaced when my tv was 60hz non-interlaced.

  • velocityguy22

    Hi yesterday my computer got updated to ‘Windows 10 Enterprise N’ Version 1703. Now my problem is my resolution in my setting are just 1024×768 & 800×600. My screen is very stretched up & magnified, i’m not able to increase the resolution & i tried to update the display drives & its all updated. Restarted the pc. Still the same. And i found out my display setting is different from what you have showed.

    • Camilla Mo

      Hi velocityguy22,

      What is the display setting on your side?

    • Camilla Mo

      Hi velocityguy22,

      Please check if your monitor supports higher resolution than 1024×768. What graphics card you have installed and what is the monitor model?

      • velocityguy22

        Yes, my monitor can support more than 1024×768. It was fine before the update. i have build in ATI Radeon HD 3000 graphics. Now after the update i believe the driver has to be updated. Thats the only issue i see here

      • David McSparron

        They all do nowadays unless you have a really ancient one.

    • Stephanie La Plante

      Me too! This update needs an update.

      • velocityguy22

        ikr, for now just uninstall it