Graphic Issues

Your game will fail to initialize graphics system if the graphics driver is oudated or there's a compatibility issue. Get it quickly fixed with these following methods.

A complete and easy guide to help NVIDIA graphics users to tackle their NVIDIA control panel missing issue and bring the control panel back.

If you ever run into the ASUS laptop screen flickering issue, don't worry. Here're 3 fixes that have helped other users resolve the problem. So read on...

Fixed dxgkrnl.sys Blue Screen of Death error (bsod) on Windows 10 in 3 ways: update Windows 10, update graphics card driver, and turn off NVIDIA Surround.

Wondering how to fix the graphics card not detected issue? You've come to the right place. Here are 5 solutions you can try to fix this problem quickly.

Fixed WDF_Violation Blue Screen of Death error on Windows 10 easily with step-by-step guidance. It is usually caused by error in framework-based drivers.

To fix No suitable graphics card found error occurs, you can try to restart your PC, or update your graphics card driver to solve the problem easily.

Is your computer screen upside down suddenly? Don't worry. Many people have resolved the computer screen upside down issue with the solutions in this post.

A number of issues cause vertical lines on your computer screen, ranging from software incompatibilities with the computer’s drivers to hardware problems involving the magnetic field of the monitor. Errors like: my screen has vertical lines causing the screen to look 3D without 3D glasses. There are two general solutions for fixing the problem: Updating […]

Follow these steps to fix laptop screen keeps flickering issue.