YouTube Issues

Youtube videos won’t play on Chrome, Firefox, IE, etc.? Don’t worry. Use the top 4 solutions in this post the you should play the videos again.

Why is my YouTube running slow? Here you'll find the fix. You can watch the video fast again after using these methods. Very easy to follow.

If you can't watch YouTube videos in Chrome, you can use methods here to fix the problem. After that, the YouTube video will play again.

YoutTube is blocked at many schools, colleages. If YouTube is also blocked at your school, you can use one of the ways here to unblick it.

If you got a green screen when trying to play a video on YouTube, don't panic. Luckily the good news is, it can be easily fixed...

One of the most effective method to fix the YouTube videos black screen issue is to sign out of your YouTube/Google account when you are watching the YouTube videos.

No sound on Youtube video but video plays? You can have the problem fixed quickly by using the methods in this post. Work for Chrome, Firefox & IE browser.

Audio and video out of sync on YouTube? You're certainly not the only one. While this can be a frustrating issue, it's fixable!

If you can’t play Youtube video your iPhone, and encounter error “Playback error Tap to retry”, you can use methods here to fix the problem. After that, you should watch the video again. There are 5 solutions you can try. You may not have to try them all; just work your way down the list until […]

When you get error this video is not available on Youtube, don't worry. This error can be caused by several issues. Follow steps in this post to fix it.