It’s essential to know the used car history before buying a second-hand car. But how to check car history? Read on to learn how.

Luckily, if you have the car's license plate number, you can run a license plate lookup to know the vehicle's history, and it's quite easy.

Find out how to quickly and legally search for owner information and loads of details of a vehicle using just a VIN number.

Check our 4 best ways to for effectively detecting if a car ever experienced a total loss when all you have is a VIN number.

4 best ways to decode VIN to get official car history reports: 1) VIN decoder 2) DMV application 3) NHTSA VIN check 4) NICB VIN lookup.

3 trustworthy data providers for NMVTIS and other authorized sources: BeenVerified, Bumper and EpicVIN. Check vehicle history via just a VIN.

Discover how to check for flood damage on used cars with our detailed guide, featuring approved NMVTIS data providers.

Here's an easy guide to tell the car value types and indicators, also 3 tested car value estimators with discounts and detailed instructions.

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