Video Editing

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Windows Movie Maker nowhere to be found on your Windows PC? Don't worry, there are better alternatives. Check them out!

This post shows you how to convert VOB to MP4 step by step.

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YouTube Video Editor is an online free video editing tool that allows you to trim, lengthen, add filters, audio, text and other features on video clips.

Use YouTube Video Editor to add Enhancements to even uploaded videos. You can Stabilize the groggy video, one-click to improve the lighting and color etc.

Use the built-in Photos to trim your videos and make your own movies: 1) Open the video with Photos; 2) Click Edit & Create and Trim; 3) Toggle the starting and ending dots to trim; 4) Save your new video clip.

You can make your video in fast motions, slow motions, adjust only the audio track, or only the video track. Quickly & Easily!