How to Fix No Sound on Windows 10

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One of the most common problems with Windows 10 is no sound. Particularly immediately after upgrading from a previous version of Windows. So if you’re experiencing this problem, rest assured, you’re not alone. More importantly, it’s usually a pretty easy problem to resolve.

Here are three simple fixes you can try. You don’t necessarily have to try them all. Just start at the top of the list and work your way down.

Method 1: Check your speaker settings
Method 2: Uninstall your audio driver
Method 3: Update your audio driver

Method 1: Check your speaker settings

1) Right-click the sound icon at the bottom right corner of your desktop and click Playback devices

2) In the Playback tab, ensure there’s a green tick on Speakers. This indicates that your speakers are the default playback device. 

Default speaker ticked Windows 10

If your Speakers are NOT already set as the default, this is doubtless your problem. To fix, just click them, click Set Default, then click OK and test whether you have sound.

Set default speakers Windows 10

If your Speakers are set as the default playback device, and you’re still not hearing any sound, you should experiment with different sound formats. To do this, click Speakers then Properties

Change speaker sound format Windows 10

3) Go to the Advanced tab, and in the Default Format section, select a different sample rate and bit depth, then click Test. Repeat this process until you find a format that works, then click OK. If you don’t find a format that works, proceed to Method 2 below.

Test speaker sound format Windows 10

 Method 2: Uninstall your audio driver

If your sound driver has somehow been removed, corrupted or become incompatible with Windows 10, you won’t be able to hear any sound from your speakers. (This quite often happens after an upgrade to Windows 10 from an earlier version of Windows.)

The simplest way to check if this is what has happened is to uninstall your audio driver:

1) On your keyboard, press the Windows logo key  and X (at the same time) to invoke the quick-access menu.

2) Click Device Manager.

3) In Device Manager, expand Sound, video and game controllers,
right-click on your sound card, and click Uninstall.

4) If you’re asked to confirm the uninstall, check the Delete the driver software for this device box and click OK.

5) Restart your computer and check to see if the problem is resolved. If it’s not, move on to Method 3 below.

Method 3: Update your audio driver

If experimenting with different sound formats and uninstalling your audio driver didn’t bring back your sound in Windows 10, it’s likely that you’re using the wrong audio driver.

There are two ways you can get the right audio driver: manually or automatically.

Manual driver update – You can update your audio driver manually by going to the manufacturer’s website and searching for the most recent correct driver for your sound card and your variant of Windows 10. 

Automatic driver update – If you don’t have the time, patience or computer skills to update your audio driver manually, you can, instead, do it automatically with Driver EasyDriver Easy will automatically recognize your system and find the correct audio driver for your sound card and your variant of Windows 10, and it will download and install it correctly:

1) Download and install Driver Easy.

2) Run Driver Easy and click Scan Now. Driver Easy will then scan your computer and detect any problem drivers.

3) Click the Update button next to a flagged audio driver to automatically download and install the correct version of this driver (you can do this with the FREE version of Driver Easy).

Or click Update All to automatically download and install the correct version of all the drivers that are missing or out of date on your system. (This requires the Pro version which comes with full support and a 30-day money back guarantee. You’ll be prompted to upgrade when you click Update All.)

4) Restart your computer and check to see if you now have sound.

We hope one of these methods resolves your Windows 10 audio problem. 
Please feel free to leave your comment below if you have any questions.

  • Camilla Mo

    Hi I.Cale,

    Thanks for your comment. I’m sorry that your problem cannot be resolved. If you had tried using Driver Easy, but it didn’t help. Please feel free to contact our support team at for further assistance regarding this issue. Thanks again.

  • Subir Bhadra

    Thank a lot dear.

  • FireStarter1010

    thank solved my problem. I just love Windows updates.. ” Do it , do it now.. and now have a ton of problems ha ha ha” 🙂

  • Camilla Mo

    Hi Gerry,

    Have you used Driver Easy to update the drivers?

  • Robbo

    Just had a windows 10 update and suddenly no sound after spending hours trying many different suggestions it turned out all i needed to do was right click the little volume icon next to the clock in the bottom right hand corner of your computer, then go into playback devices.

    Now if you can’t see your speaker icon on that first list once playback devices is opened right click mouse under the icons in the black space and click ”show disabled devices” once you have your speaker icon up don’t bother trying to click it to tick it (didn’t work for me) just click on ”properties”
    once in properties look at the titles at the top and move from ”General” over to the second option
    ”levels” in levels is a little sliding bar from 0-100, a speaker icon and the word balance, simply
    slide it from 0 to 100 and boom! i have sound again!.

    Why this was so confusing was because all of my other speaker sound icons showed my sound was already at max 100, for some silly reason the update turned this one that was slightly harder to find off.

    This may not be the same problem everyone has but it was mine, try it, if it doesn’t work ihnfc and gl lol.

    • HazardousWizard

      Wtf this actually fixes it, thats windows 10 everyone

  • mr_xyzzy

    FIX: Install the original drivers from the manufacture in Compatibility mode. To do this, right click on the installation file, then choose “Troubleshoot compatibility”

    Then, when you go through the steps, choose the version of windows that the install was designed for (since the automatic detection did not work for me)

  • TabithaX

    Bob K see if your issue is that it keeps switching your app from a default setting to a new app MS wants instead of what your settings desire for instance in my case it kept setting my default music setting to GROOVE…see my new post up there. I fixed my settings to only use Windows Media Player. And now all my sound works. It had previously been set to Groove Music, an app developed by MS and it was unknown to my Dell speakers so it wouldn’t play on them. Damn MS! I just go in and change it back to Windows Media Player from Groove Music and all my sound is back again. Hope this helps…….

  • TabithaX


    The problem is this: so simple and stupid GD Microsoft

    The issue is your computer is setting your music/SOUND DEFAULT to run of off GROOVE Music.

    Go to your where your APPs are assigned or set and change your default back to WINDOWS MEDIA PLAYER.

    In other words, it’s not sound drivers it’s not a virus it’s none of those things.
    It was simply that Microsoft after an update decided that Windows Media Player wasn’t my music player, it was their new Groove Music. So they changed my default player to Groove Music without my knowing in the middle of the day!

    However, my speakers didn’t know or agree and so no sound came out. I had to GO IN THERE AND CHANGE MY DEFAULT MUSIC PLAYER BACK TO WINDOWS MUSIC PLAYER where my speakers were also lined up with.

    Find a YouTube where they show you how to change default setting on Windows 10 or Edge and you’ll see what I mean. Now a days you are setting up APPS because it’s stupid, app defaults.

    I hate that windows 10 and Edge have new programs for music, movies and photos now. They compete with your old programs you’ve grown used to. Because MS wants you to try them and use the new, I think once in a while the updates SWITCHES the default to the new so you’re forced to try them not realizing you’re external speaker may not work when that happens.

    BTW—-When I say I put back the “default” setting in App assignment area from GROOVE back Windows Media Player I am not saying this was done and just fixed my personal song music sounds. This fixed ALL MY SOUND ISSUES. Even my YOUTUBE sound issues. So this glitch issue of MS changing your app setting to Groove Music harms ALL your sounds. When they F up and change the default to Groove Music, that means ALL YOUR SOUND gets looped through that Fooking thing and you’ll have NO sound AT ALL> So try MY fix regardless of what sound you’re trying to hear….ie music, video, Netflix, whatevs.– NO GUARANTEES but at least make sure you’re sounds in no way are set to that azz hole Groove music unless you’re into that you mean to do it.

    Good luck.

    • Rand G

      Holy crap! Thanks for that! I will check it out.

      • TabithaX

        Yes you’re welcome Good Luck!

        • tempestofsouls

          It was set to Groove and i changed it back to Windows Media Player but it still doesn’t work.

          • Rand G

            Yup. Same here. Good idea though.

          • TabithaX

            Make sure all your sound apps are ones they should be not new ones from MS store …wish it helped crud..

  • Anjani P Dodla

    Thanks working

  • Mattheos Mattheou

    Changing the bit depth (Method 1, item 3) and disabling the Exclusive Mode (same screen) did it! Needed a PC restart for the changes to take effect but great! Thanks for the very useful tips. I spent ages trying to figure out what happened untile I read this article.

  • Terry Ellis

    That was the first thing I tried, naturally. And tried all troubleshooters, which either claimed there was no audio hardware or that it was there and working fine. And brought it back to Office Depot techs, but they were baffled too. It was under warranty, but I finally just reformatted it which took all night and that worked, though it wiped out everything I had on the computer.

  • Nickolas Haramis

    I’ve done all of the above…. but noticed the speaker is ticked as ON but the default is greyed out so I can’t turn default on. Any thoughts???

    • TabithaX

      I found a possible solution for no sound on this thread see new comment today.

  • santhuiswaiting

    It’s working, Thanks

  • Carles Recolons

    the truth is that driver easy don´t fix the problem.Now you can delete my comment but can´t silence the evidence.

  • soraskyatic

    use realtek audio

  • John_Wayne_American

    thank you !

  • Cosmo Bro

    Windows 10 designers should be hung on the nearest lamp post then when still moving they should be stabbed 127 times then when still bleeding they should be shot at least 55 times. Remains should be burned immediately.


    Bad this did not work i have a tablet so.

  • Greta Ludwig Scheiner

    Thank you TC! The only fix that worked. 🙂

  • Cap’n Stu

    this worked for me.
    Microsoft suggests running msconfig.exe, click on the Boot tab.

    Click the Advanced options button, check the Maximum memory box and set the value to 3072.

  • Jack Evans

    nothing works your full of shit, my laptop is for media creation (videos) and no sound means it has no use so email me for free laptop

    • Camilla Mo

      Hi Jack,

      Have you tried using Driver Easy to update the drivers? If that didn’t work either, please contact our support team at for further assistance.

      You can also leave your comment again so we could help you resolve the problem. Thank.

      • Jack Evans

        I tried but downloads are to slow like 7 bytes a second for a 200 MB file

        • Camilla Mo

          Hi Jack,

          Thanks for your comment again.

          The download speed of the free version is lower than the speed of the pro version. You can try upgrading to the pro version to get higher version.

          The pro version provides 30-day money back guarantee. You can ask for a full refund if you’re not satisfied with the product.

    • TabithaX

      Jack if you’re still not with sound try my new solution I posted today!

  • Johnny Boy

    I was having the same problems with my audio immediately after the windows 10 update. I downloaded the current motherboard update for my audio and then after restarting i right clicked the speaker icon in the bottom and clicked “troubleshoot sound problems”. It told me to disable audio enhancements and once that was done the sound was back on and normal just like before. Hope it works out for everyone.

    • Camilla Mo

      Hi Johnny Boy,

      Thanks for your sharing. Your comment may help others as well.

  • Ben (Nightbot)

    My speakers was working this morning now their dead

  • Mardy Elaine V. Tan

    I just uninstall the driver and restart the pc and it worked again. 🙂
    Device Manager>Sound, video and game controllers>right click High Definition Audio Device> Uninstall drivers
    Then restart your pc. Hope this will help

  • Chase Hatton

    Honestly, the quality of software dev has gone down so much since Indian engineers got involved. Sad but very true fact. Almost a joke now.

  • Punky Pam

    I did this…. How to update Sound driver
    Go to Device Manager > Sound video and Game Controller > Right click on Realtek > Update Driver > Browse Manually > Let Me pick > Choose High Definition Audio Device
    But I do not have Choose High Definition Audio Device I have Audio Endpoint and Generic Software Device. What do I do?

  • duplo

    Nothing worked. Tried all suggestions I could find. Services, drivers, touched and enabled/disabled every button I found (audio related). When testing sound there is always the same message “failed to play test tone”.

  • Verna Jean

    I shouldn’t have to do all this, I’m not computer Savvy, I watch movies, now I can’t I’m so upset…

  • Ymara

    I am playing a music when suddenly I can’t here the songs anymore, I tried using speakers and headphones, no luck. I already updated and re installed the audio drivers, still, no luck. What is this ? My laptop’s hardware component problem ?

  • Rand G

    I am glad you were able to fix the problem, mine, however remains…….

  • Rand G

    Not even close Microsoft. Windows 10 up date has disabled all sound devices rendering my $1800 new computer unusable. I have tried every update possible and re-wiped my drive 3 times now and cant remove the hidden updates that are creating the problem.Not even flashing my bios has allowed me to install a previous working edition.I have been working to resolve this problem every day for 8-10 hours and not one thing works.

    • Melk Souza

      Thanks Macdelina, It worked for me too !!!

    • loaded obs

      Screw Microsoft… Exactly the same thing happened to my system after updating it…

      • TabithaX

        I found a solution for no sound on thread check it out hope it works for you

  • David R Buckwalter

    Piece of crap software. I purchased to pro version and still have no sound. Sound worked fine after upgrading to Windows 10 for several months, then all of a sudden no sound. ASUS P5G410-M-LE motherboard. All Realtek drivers have been updated and every possible solution has been tried.

    • Camilla Mo

      Hi David R Buckwalter,

      I’m sorry that Driver Easy didn’t help resolve the problem. The problem may not be caused by driver issues. We’d love to help solve the problem. Please send your system information and the problem details to us at Or you can send the information using Driver Easy Feedback feature.

      Please let us know if we could be of further help.

  • D Gardiner

    Thank you – I did step one and two and it worked!! Why oh why would Windows default to tinny sounding monitor screens for sound when I have a cheap but very effective stereo speakers? Surely you would build the Windows upgrade to default to stereo speakers because why would I have them in the first place? Common sense I suppose is not common. Thank you again for your post as normally in previous upgrades I just turned off the computer and turned back on – but not this time.

    • Camilla Mo

      Hi D Gardiner,

      Glad to know your problem resolved.

  • just say No

    No sound now! The Windows 10 update “migrated” my system speaker (whatever that means) and then under a different new device name installed a new driver for which it does not even know the settings. What the previous driver was I don’t know because the “roll back” feature is grayed out on both the new device and the system speaker. What a mess!

    update: Donna Nickels and Ricky Borrows’ comments elsewhere here helped me. Apparently Windows 10 updater changed the default sound device, and the default had to be changed back again by the Windows troubleshooter (its second suggested fix and the one that I chose to apply).

  • Judy Wallace

    same here and it doesnt even show my surround sound system not only have I lost sound but touch screen monitor as well.

  • Ahab Ismael

    u know what, u know what .. wow..

  • Donna Nickel

    Thank you – I worked for hours after my windows 10 was updated. Finally I right clicked on the speaker icon and choose “Troubleshoot sound problems” and it fixed it for me!

    • Serene Negraszus-Chew

      Thank you, Donna, so simple and yet it works! God bless you and keep you.

      • Donna Nickel

        It is a problem on email on my KINDLE

  • Ricky Borrows

    I right clicked the sound symbol on the bottom right and selected “Troubleshoot sound problems.” Come to find out, my speakers were not set to default.

  • 7deadlysins

    Thx the first option worked for me.

  • Camilla Mo

    Hi Kushal,

    Regarding the no audio output device is installed issue, you can go to the link below for the fixes.

  • Camilla Mo

    Hi Jes,

    Have you got any error messages?

  • TabithaX

    Well thanks Microsoft. Not one, not one!! solution has worked to make the sound on my computer come back. My computer thinks my speakers are being used by “another application” which is completely not true nor is even possible. Really irritates me that Microsoft is not addressing this. And by the way, I upgraded to Win 10 months ago so if you haven’t had issues yet…you’re not out of the woods.

    • Rand G

      Have the same problem now.Screwed up my whole computer and have now wasted 3 solid days trying to fix. Microsoft is the worst anymore. Care-less at level 11.

      • TabithaX

        Yep, agree Rand and just so you know, not sure if you’ll check back. my sound never did come back. We ran every diagnostic, malware, Norton, took the system back to three months ago, Spyware check whatever….nothing. No sound anymore.. F’n windows 10.

      • TabithaX

        I found a solution for no sound on my computer, see the thread new comment today

    • Erika Walker

      Actually I have the same problem as you my speaker suddenly stopped working. Try entering control panel then search for troubleshooting from there find troubleshoot audio playback under hardware and sound follow the instructions. If you didn’t have any enhancement on try on 1 of it then it will test the sound if you don’t hear anything just choose the I didn’t hear anything choice and it will retest the sound. I repeated it 3 time and it finally worked. Hope it works for you

      • TabithaX

        Hi Erika just an update to you and anyone else, it’s been a while and just so everyone knows, my speakers never did work again. New speakers never worked. No speakers work on it. For some reason my computer now thiks that my audio is “already in use.” Mind you this happened suddenly, for no reason in the middle of a regular afternoon when it was working fine. I have Norton that blocks all virus, we’ve run Spybot, Malware nothing has breached my computer. We are sure this is a Windows 10 issue of some sort. Really pisses me off.

        • Wallace Miller

          Uh norton is the thing that breached your computer. NORTON IS A VIRUS AND/OR MALWARE

        • Randeep Singh

          Same happened with me. Try this. I rolled back the driver to previous version, updated it again to latest, restarted my computer and it worked.

    • Angela

      wow, I was skeptical as I have tried several other things and this seemed almost too easy but it did work for me. Time will tell if it sticks. Thanks for sharing

      • Taryn Compagnoni

        What did you do to fix the problem?

  • Terry Ellis

    No good. When I go to “playback devices” it says “no audio devices are installed” as if the speakers aren’t even there. It was working fine before the Windows update yesterday.

    • Ruan Fernando

      funny i got strange bug after last windows 10 update, sound is broken…

      • TabithaX

        I found a solution on thread see thread! My sound works again on my computer it was something stupid — just switch your default music from Groove music back to WIn Media player– see thread

    • Sobhi Abuzaid

      same problem here , would u plz guys a solution for this

      • Terry Ellis

        I brought it back to where I bought it, but they were baffled. I finally had to reformat my computer and it worked, but it meant backing everything up and then wiping it clean. I lost some software and passwords that were stored, but I finally have sound again.

        • Sobhi Abuzaid

          i did also like u did but still the same problem it’s look like there is a problem on my sound card

      • TabithaX

        I found a solution for no sound on my computer see thread !

        • Taryn Compagnoni

          How do you see the thread?

          • TabithaX

            Taryn, you have to make sure your sound isn’t being played by Groove music app. Groove music is the preferred app that sometimes switches over when Windows does an update .this causes your speakers to not work because they are not understanding wth is going on…so make sure Groove music isn’t set for your your music. Switch the default setting BACK… You want windows media player set as your music defaukt..this is because it actually will control ALL of your sound including your YouTube or anything else you’re trying to play. I accidentally fixed my issue this way thank god. Go to the part of your computer where apps are set for your defaults like for music. I hope this helps. – 🙂

            • Kahfi Bonboy

              done, but still not working

            • Rahul Gupta

              This worked! Thanks m/

    • TabithaX

      Checking out my new solution I fixed mine!

      • Ronny Ardaturan Afief

        How you do that

        • TabithaX

          Look up comments by recent not most popular….see up there somewhere??? Discus lists comments by most popular instead of most recent….find most most recent and you’ll see my comments from December

          • Alan Pulido

            I just tried your solution Tabitha and it didn’t work for me. Thank you anyway though.

        • Vignesh Vicky

          windows key+x > device manager > Intel Smart sound technology (Intel(R)SST) Audio controller [RIght click on it, Update Driver.
          wait until the update downloads. And you’ll be good to go.

  • Ardijan Dreić

    Driver easy is the worst program I’ve ever encountered. any action you try to take it pops up immediately with “upgrade to pro for this!” awful. don’t install unless every other option doesn’t work.

    • Camilla Mo

      Hi Ardijan Dreić,

      Thank for you comment. The features of Driver Easy Free version is limited. Sorry for any inconvenience this has caused you. If you want to have higher download speed, one-click update install and other features, you can upgrade to the Pro version. We offer 30-day money back guarantee. You can ask for a full refund if you are not satisfied with our product and the service.

      If you have any further questions, please leave your comments again. We’d be happy to be of any further assistance.

  • Bryan Wilson

    None of these worked. Realtek works, but even though it says my Razer Audio Controller is working it doesn’t play sound.

    • TabithaX

      Nothing worked here either….

    • Julian Filipiak

      same here for my soundblaster Z sound card. realtek works but the soundcard doesnt output, even a signal gets shown in my audiooptions

  • Lee Tehhong


  • Camilla Mo

    Hi Adam,

    To fix headphone not working issue, you can follow steps in this link:

  • Camilla Mo

    Hi Josie Frere,

    I am glad that it helps.

  • Bruce Grayson

    I tried all of the above, and nothing worked. It was working a couple of days ago.

  • Journalist Omar Hirzallah

    you can fix by disable then enable speakers on the playback and the laptop sound will activate thats all

    • Sarah Ann Aboueljoud

      Thank you! It worked!

    • Rosie Deacon

      Did not work. May need new laptop.

    • Wise_Alpha

      It actually worked! Thank you so much!

  • not worcking for me

    • Camilla Mo

      Hi guseppe,

      If you have tried using Driver Easy to update drivers and it does’t work for you, the problem might not be caused by drivers.

      • I try whith driver easy ,notte worck

        • Camilla Mo

          Hi guseppe,

          If Driver Easy didn’t help you fix the problem, please feel free to contact us at for further assistance. Driver Easy Pro users enjoy free technical support guarantee.

  • Glo

    Thanks.Very helpful

  • Brian

    Switching from 16 bit to 24 bit 44100Hz fixed it for me

  • rohith

    after uninstalling i couldnt find sound in device manager even after restating what should i do ??

    • Camilla Mo

      Hi rohith,

      You can try clicking Action in the menu bar then clicking Scan for hardware changes.

  • Edit

    my headphones worked but my laptop speaker didn’t. i worked out a solution using this site, so i post my way to possibly help others… (my system is Hungarian, so there may be different word-use with yours)

    1. run device manager
    2. go to sound, video and game controller; there are two devices listed under that (for me they were set to Realtek devices)
    3.a right click on the first, update software
    3.b search for software on the computer
    3.c choose from the list on computer
    3.d set it to HIGH DEFINITION AUDIO (not the Realtek one)!!!!
    3.e click OK, a warning pops up, click yes anyway
    3.f it installs
    4. do the same with the second one


    • Edit

      forgot to add that maybe you also have to set the speakers as default at playback devices (right-click on the sound icon on the tray)

    • marie harestad

      Found this cure on Reddit (!) after July update, & 7 weeks later, with no speakers. Windows offered no help until Fall 2017 update. (Lost speakers again!) Used this cure again and it worked again.

  • Ernst

    Thank you very much. By following your instructions the problem was easy to fix. Keep up the good work.

    • glen kelley

      Just wanted to add that changing the changing the bit rate fixed this issue on Dell laptop using the IDT audio chipset. This broke after the update yesterday (I just noticed it today – May 10, 2017). Last time it was working correctly was on May 8th, so the update installed yesterday was probably the problem. Thanks very much for this fix.

  • CC

    Thank you for the info. It helped me solve the problem.
    I did the uninstall and restart….simply…
    Thanks again

  • indu

    thank you for your useful information.its working

  • Tom

    If this still does not work, after trying many things with this issue, I found that the following steps work reliably:
    1) go to task manager (Type “task manager” on the search windows window and click on task manager).

    2) In the processes tab, Select “Windows Audio Device Graph Isolation” and then hit the “End task” Button.

    3) Everything should now be back to normal, i.e. you now have sound.

    • Jeff Lim Lit Kit

      This fixed my problem, thank you!

      • Gabriela

        I still have no sound and tried everything…

    • Bianca


  • Cameron B

    Right clicking on Sound in the toolbar, and selecting Troubleshoot sound problems fixed my sound issue

    • emma

      Worked straight away for me Tom thanks so much x

      • emma

        Sorry thanks Cameron x

  • Meli

    Thank you so much! I finally have sound again!


    thaaaaaaaaaaaaaaanks a looooooooot

  • shubham

    thank god…its working….
    problem solve by uninstalling the drive….
    thx for help…

  • Param

    It worked 🙂 Thanks a ton.

  • maanvi

    Thanks worked well, worked on the third step (Updating).

  • Shikhar

    Thanks a lot !!!

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  • Daniel

    yo the man…had started using hair split logic to solve the NO SOUND challenge but in vain
    thanks man

  • Loveth

    Thank you so much the sound system in my Hp laptop is working well now

  • Jummy

    Great help! It worked after doing the second step, uninstalling and reinstaling.Thanks for posting!

  • Tony

    Thanks, this helped a bunch. Speaker is now working. After clicking into the speaker properties, I noticed the tv was set as the default. I changed the default to the speaker device and it worked. Suspect the initial upgrade to win 10 or a subsequent push effected the default setting.

  • Dean

    Thanks so much for your help..i just altered the sample/frequency rate just as you suggested and all was well again. Thought for a moment all was lost as its Friday night and I wanted to watch some movies on m laptop. Now I can! Thanks Again!!

  • Emina

    I accidentally uninstalled “Sound, video and game controllers“ , what to do?

    • Erik

      I did the same, it will be back once you restart your computer and reinstall the drivers.

  • James

    Wowww. This worked like magic. Thanks so much. I’ve been trying to find solution for months.

  • kunal


  • S. Gibson

    Worked!!!!! Thanks so much! You saved me from insanity!

    • Dean

      So true! I’m so happy!

  • John Graetz

    My Dell desktop speakers suddenly stopped working. Tried various things but only got a little sound when I ran one of the tests, but nothing further. Tried the msconfig suggestion and changed memory value to 3072 but that didn’t do anything. In another post elsewhere I found instructions to right click on the Speakers/Headphones icon (right hand side in system tray) and then run “Troubleshoot sound problems”. Ran that and followed instructions and fixed the problem. At this point I needed to restart, but was then told that I was low on memory. Found out that whilst I had 24GB installed, less that 4GB was being reported as being available. Restarted computer and got no sound again, so ran msconfig again and reverted the previous change by clearing the memory value of 3072. Once again sound worked. Restarted computer and now have no problem with sound and once again 24GB of memory is available. Thankfully the moral of this story lay in the fact that if you don’t succeed, try and try again. You could say that I got lucky.

  • Margaret Magnus

    I tried everything on this page and I have sound through the headphones but not the speakers.

  • Renee

    I’ve been searching the internet for days looking for a fix. I just stumbled upon this post. I never thought it could be one of the windows updates. Thank You so very much for you fix.

    P.S. Could an update also cause my laptop screen to go black? I’v tried everything and now i’m connecting to an external monitor.

  • nitin


  • Ryan Siow

    This solution worked for my HP G60-530CA laptop which recently upgrade from win7 to win10:

    “A problem with Conexant audio means that you may hear no sound in Windows 10 even though everything appears to be working correctly. While this is being investigated, Microsoft suggests running msconfig.exe and heading to the Boot tab. Click the Advanced options button, check the Maximum memory box and set the value to 3072.”

    • Richard Church

      Ryan, thank you! I have a G60-531CA that I reinstalled Win 10 on. The sound was fine until I did the version 1607 update, which probably included the offending update. I followed your info, restarted the laptop and the sound works. Thanks for putting the info up.

    • Rick Dube

      Thank you, Thank you, Thank you!! Your solution worked!! I have an HP G60-530us and lost audio. I have been pulling my hair out practically trying to come up with a solution, and I just happened to run across your post by Googleing the hell out of this problem.

      • sandeep kumar

        please let me know the full process

      • YourNightmare

        Hmm,Comes out the thing works. I really cant believe (DEOSNT WORK DUMBASS)

    • Huehuebrbr


    • Diane McGinnis

      How do you run msconfig.exe ?

      • Simone Molloy

        Right-click on your Windows button at the bottom-left of your screen, and type msconfig.exe in the dialogue box that comes up.


        • Diane McGinnis

          Thank You!

    • Am Mo

      Amazing. It is working now Thank you

    • Ryan

      Thank you! This worked on my HP G60-535DX laptop.

    • Bob

      Same problem after upgrading from Win 7 Ultimate to Win 10 Pro on a toshiba satellite l355-s7902 Changing Max memory from 0 to 3072 worked after rebooting.
      Thanks a bunch, looked all over the web for solution and voila here is the fix!

    • Bob

      Worked on my toshiba satellite l355-s7902. Changing max memory worked after reboot. You guys are great.

    • Simone Molloy

      Thank you SO MUCH, Ryan! Like other responders here have said, I’ve spent far too much time trying all the other suggested “fixes”without success, until I stumbled across yours! It worked! Hurray! :0D

    • Robinsky

      After trying all the updates to drivers, uninstalls, etc. and spending hours on this, I tried Ryan’s method of going to msconfig.exe and the boot tab, advanced options and then chose maximum memory of 3072. Suddenly I have sound again!! Mine is an HP G60-443CL Notebook upgraded from Vist to 7 and then to Windows 10. No idea why this worked or what the significance of 3072 is. But thanks for the tip.

    • Ron

      Many thanks for the tip about restoring my audio after doing the Windows 10 update changing the msconfig settings.

    • Jennifer

      Ryan, thanks for sharing this tip!

      For anyone else that tries this, all I did was check the “Maximum Memory” box. When I checked the box, the value went from 0 to 4096. I left mine at the default, since I have 4GB of memory installed. When I rebooted, the issue was resolved.

    • Sam

      Ryan I changed it to 3072, sound worked perfectly alright after 3 months of struggle BUT every time I close my Laptop the sound disappears and I have to do the whole process again and again to get sound. is there a way to save this 3072?

    • PJ

      I have been trying to fix the sound problem on Windows for weeks. I change the max memory to 3072 as suggested and bingo bango, it worked. Thanks!!!!!!

    • R Lewis

      Go to installed updates and uninstall security update for Microsoft windows(KB3213986), that’s what worked for me.

    • Benky

      God bless you man. I was about to become that producer without a sound working laptop. Lol. You pretty much saved me the cost of getting a new laptop

    • Kallitsisef

      You are the best!!
      Aditional, if you have more memory (e.g. 2x4gb) you can set the value in
      Thanks a lot!!

  • Sushma

    This indeed was a great help. I THANK EVERYONE!! WHO HAS WRITTEN THIS!!!!

  • Aman Pateriya

    It worked..

  • David

    I have Windows 8.1 Realtek driver.

    Uninstalling the driver and restarting computer worked for me. Problem started with a new speaker I purchased. Sound cut out on a few occasions and finally on third time sound went completely dead. In addition any video I tried to play on youtube, vimeo, etc. would only give me errors within the video player that there was an error and to try again later. I plugged in my old speakers to verify and sure enough still no sound. I tried many different suggested fixes and finally uninstalling driver and restarting did the trick. Wish you luck!

    *I did do a Windows update prior to sound going out. I cannot confirm with certainty if new speaker created the problem or if it was the update. After one day of trying to find a fix, I am not up to replicating the problem. 🙂 I will say that it is suspect that the sound went out while having just installed new speaker and playing a few hours of videos. I used Bluetooth for the new speaker. Again Please Try Again Later” was the YouTube Error message I would receive and it did not matter what browser I used even in X-Box live.

    Hope this helps.

    • Brian

      How long did it take for your driver to uninstall? Mines been uninstalling for about an hour now.

  • Janet

    I am SO grateful for this advice. At least for the moment I have sound again. Several IT guys have worked on it, and I have spent many entire days of my life trying to get the sound back. My Toshiba Satellite P755 has excellent built-in Harman/Kardon speakers, which are one of the reasons I bought it in the first place. Now I can hear them again. Better yet, the first music that came up on Pandora was Leo Kottke!

    • Doreen

      To think that I had been practically tearing my hair out trying to resolve the NO SOUND issue . . . . . After so many false starts elsewhere, it only took me getting to Step 2 on this page to identify the problem . . . . the “Speakers” had not been selected as the default. How it ever got changed to this wrong setting is a mystery. . . but it sure is great to get my sound back!!

      • Natasha

        Thanks Doreen, I had microsoft support looking at this for hours today without any success. I just found the same issue with the default!

  • Francisco

    I was here trying to find another solution, but failed.
    The only thing that worked for me was downgrading to previous Realtek driver, in Recover Manager.
    Every time I try to upgrade to a new version, audio disappears, so I’m stuck with an old Realtek version, if I want audio in my laptop… What a shame.
    Thanks to the ones that were trying to help.

  • Daniel Mackey

    I could not get this method to work, I’m not much of a computer tech so I need more help. HELP

    • Bb

      can solved as following.
      1. Select IDT High Definition Audio CODEC on Device Manager.
      2. Select Driver tab.
      3. Click Update Driver… button.
      4. Select -> Browse my computer for driver software.
      5. Select -> Let me pickup a list of device drivers on my computer.
      6. Select High Definition Audio Device (Not IDT High Def… this is important.) and click Next.
      Appears Warning message, but reply Yes.
      7. ! Windows has successfully update your driver software.

      • heinz kressierer

        best explanation super

      • Fadhil

        The best solution ever!!!!
        Thank you so much Bb..this fixed my Laptop i can hear my superb sound with my subwoofer Altec Lansing speaker. Thanks for the explanation..

      • nin_007

        Wow, thanks, was looking for a solution for sooo long. PC is on a surround sound system and no bass would come out…now al is good. Many thanks!

  • rob

    Thank you! got a windows 10 update and my second monitor just went out and couldn’t be detected. I set up 2 other monitors with no luck. search after search I finally get 2 monitors working again. but the sounds was only coming through the hdmi monitor… this fixed it for me. Thank you! even a simple problem like this is an annoying disruption. Thank you for providing helpful info.

  • Plerb

    Something here worked. Hard to say which as tried them all. Suspect it was the driver delete.

  • Annabel

    Help! I tried removing, downloading, restarting, and then updating. Nothing has worked. When I right-click on the sound icon and click on playback devices none are listed. How do I fix this??

    • xxx

      Start in safe mode then restart in normal mode.

  • Gurpreet Singh

    yes i really like this site.From last i was tried to solve audio problem.But,at last i found this site and it is really helpful me.
    In future for my other problems i will always open driver easy site

    • Vikash sah

      hello gurprett can u send me the screen short of activation page in setting update and security

  • cyto

    To fix this problem after a windows 10 update (Oct. 2016):
    1. Right click speaker sound icon on bottom right taskbar next to wireless icon.

    2. Click option “Troubleshoot sound problems”

    3. Allow for detection load; select option “Speakers- High Definition Audio Device” click Next

    4. Click “open enhancements”; press “preview” on secondary pop out window to ensure proper sound output is selected. Click “Ok” and follow prompts to finish.

    5. Listen to music, Sigh of relief and suddenly be happy for the rest of the day.

    • vinamra

      thanks a lot man

    • eyad

      thx thx thx man

    • Steven

      Thanks so much!

    • jacka

      hi i have a windows 10 decstop and my sound system is not fountioning and when i clik on troubleshout its showing me a message that one or more audio service isn’t runing so what can i do ?.

    • jacka

      should i reboot the computer

  • John M

    I ran into this when I updated to Windows 10. My system was trying to play from one of my monitor’s speakers. I clicked Settings\Devices then typed in Sound in the search box. I then changed the default device to the built in speakers.
    Problem solved

    • Al

      THANK YOU. Tried so many options after my audio failed 24h ago. Setting speakers as the default worked beautifully. Sound restored.

  • Nicole

    This did not work for me unfortunately. I’ve tried so many different remedies from different websites and I am at a loss for what to do. When I right click the volume icon and select “Playback Devices” it says “no audio devices are installed”. This is a brand new Dell XPS 13 and the speakers were working just fine when I first purchased it just under 2 months ago. If anyone has any other suggestions that would help I would greatly appreciate it!

    • Mike

      I feel your pain. I have the same issue on a HP ProBook. A Win10 reinstall killed the audio hardware.

  • TC

    I have an Asus T100. Windows Anniversary update hosed my audio/video (couldn’t play Netflix, YouTube, any sounds, etc).

    After trying a number of things, I finally gave up and e-mailed Asus, who instructed me to install a different chipset for my processor (a solution I’d seen in other forums).

    I did so, and it fixed the problem.

    The chipset it specific to your computer’s processor (Intel XXXXX/etc) – you can try to ID it and then find it online, or e-mail your manufacturer

  • Tesh

    Thank you, solution worked. Been suffering with this problem for about a month. #legend

  • Dan Lanning

    I’ve tried everything you’ve listed. No luck. I’ve checked cables, no issues there. When on the Playback tab of Playback devices there is a sound level to the right. I can see that my iTunes is playing as the level is bouncing up and down. Maybe my speakers just gave out? Your help is GREATLY appreciated. Thanks.

  • Zoheb Sayed

    I am unable to see any speakers icon under playback devices..kindly suggest.

  • TheGutterMonkey

    After my computer (Windows 10) updated while I was sleeping, I woke up to no sound. I Googled it, wound up here and was ABOUT to try this. But after a quick glance at the page it looked like a lot of work. So I decided to try something else beforehand. It worked and was super easy (sorry if it’s already been mentioned).

    • I clicked the volume icon in the taskbar.

    • That brings up a slider to adjust the volume. Above THAT is a place to change Playback Device — I clicked that.

    • It was set on “Speakers (AnvSoft Virtual Sound Device)”

    • I changed it to “Speakers (High Definition Audio Device)”

    Voila. Sound came back.

    Again, sorry if this has been mentioned. I didn’t read through anything here. But if there was a chance I could help, I figured I’d take it.

    • Barbara

      Thank you,tried all the other advice…no good…came here and tried your simple advice…Viola, sound again!!!!

    • violacase

      That worked for me also. Thanks for your writing!

    • annie

      i also tried everything mentioned in this page, didn’t work. i want to change device to HDMI, but for some reason, the hdmi device shows “not plugged in” but it is plugged in properly. any idea why here? (the hdmi is for sure plug in as just before reboot after win10 update, i was still hearing things. didn’t touch any hardware before/after reboot.

      • Gocho

        i have the same problem and nothing works

  • Guest

    In the taskbar search box, type Services and press Enter. Scroll down to Windows Audio. Click on Stop (if Start is greyed out). Then click on Start. It worked for me.

    • Grateful

      Thanks for this, worked for me too, a simpler fix than others, especially considering my sound seemed to cut out from nowhere

    • sharon trent

      I love you, I love you, I love you!! This is what woke up my computer and solved my audio problems!! EQ board Exists!! So- for other sufferers- Start, Services, Windows Audio, (I stopped and started both) rebooted-then, in screen lower right, ^, rt-click speaker icon, Playback Devices, Speakers,Properties,Enhancements, check Enable Loudness EQ and Enable Sound Equalizer then in the box underneath, click More Settings- voila! EQ board, with slides. If you click under it and choose a category, you lose a lot of your volume again… just set it yourself, is my advice!

  • Cleo

    I have tried all of these remedies and sometimes they work, often they don’t, if they do work it isn’t for very long. This is a REAL pain in the butt – WHEN will Microsoft fix this?? We shouldn’t have to constantly jump through hoops to get audio on a pc/laptop!!

  • Tori

    I tried everything above and it didn’t work. But I did eventually fix my problem. For some reason the computer keeps defaulting to an audio device that is not there (not plugged in and I even disabled it) and I have to keep manually going in and resetting it to the right one. Its pretty annoying.. but I guess at least I have it working now.

  • M

    I tried all of the recommendations and I still have no sound.
    On the last step I found only 2 choices:
    2 channel 16 bit 44100H3 and another with pretty much the same description. There were no other choices to select to TEST. What do you recommend?

  • Toni

    I went through all this with no luck, although the sound test when adjusting the sample rate worked. I loaded another page that had an auto play video on it (so annoying) and noticed the audio was trying to play through the wrong audio device. I have an input device on my PC. I clicked the speakers and set it to default. Tadah sound! I’d never have thought of looking in the seperate sound settings without this list so thank you 🙂

  • Nick

    Tried all of this multiple times. Finally called Dell and they reverted to the previous version of windows prior to updates and sounds worked again. Thanks windows.

  • NICT

    thanks … it worked

    • Emmanuel

      My laptop envy 14 displayed no sound or headphone plug in
      When I try to trouble shoot it to fixed the problem it show audio device is disabled

  • Khoiruunisa

    My laptop is Lenovo ideapad S410P with Windows 10 installed. After the laptop freeze, my external speaker (INCUS IN – 807) didn’t make any sound except static. I have tried many ways including the ones in this page, but nothing works. Please help!

  • JL

    I updated Windows 10 last night and this morning had no sound. My fix was to disable the Digital Audio (S/PDIF) in my playback devices (right-click Sound icon in tray -> Playback Devices).

    I guess the update enabled that device which I do not use.

  • abhityaagi

    mai apne pc mai 2 o.s
    chla rhau Windows 7,
    windows 10.p problem ye hai ki jo Windows 7. us sound aa rhe hai , Windows 10 mai nhi aa rhe hai plz my

  • kc

    I updated Windows today and upon restarting so sound. I have tried all of these steps in this article and nothing fixes it for me. I have uninstalled and downloaded and re-installed the driver, and still nothing. When I run through the troubleshooting this is the only issue that returns as present:

    Generic Audio Driver Not Fixed

    So frustrating 🙁 Updating your computer shouldn’t ruin it. Are there any other options?

    • ron

      i have same problem. generic audio problem.

  • Mishra

    So if I completely reinstall the driver from the manufacturer I get sound back, up until it hibernates. Then when it comes back the sound is gone except when I change the volume slider which gives me a second of sound. The headphone jack seems to work fine though. Any suggestions?

    • nerd

      On Windows 10: Control Panel > Hardware and Sound > Power Options > Choose What Closing The Lid Does > “Change Settings That Are Currently Unavailable” (req Admin) > [uncheck] “Turn on fast startup” > Save

      Good luck.

      • Katie

        what do you mean by Choose What Closing The Lid Does?

        • Kevin

          basically what happens when the computer goes on standby, when your computer goes to sleep

          • James

            That’s not a good solution. I would not recommend anyone do that.

    • luka kenchuashvili

      plys downloads

  • neilrodriques65

    Thank u so much !!!!!!! It worked

  • Sarah Wertz

    Oh My Gosh!!! Thank you soooooo much. After a month my speakers are finally working again. I thought I was going to have to take it in for repair. I just had to do the uninstall portion and my speakers are working again.

  • Grace

    Thank heavens! My PC’s audio is finally working again. T

  • Billy McNamara

    Since a Windows update my sound has gone too.I have tried everything to no avail.I have Realtek driver downloaded,BUT it says NO AUDIO DEVICES ARE INSTALLED.But it’s there on my downloads.What can I do?

    • Bronis

      Windows 10 updated overnight and I have the same problem: no sound and “no audio devices installed”. How did you fix your problem?

  • Curmudgeon

    Thanks for fixing my issue!
    I should have known better, but one night towards the end of the free upgrade period, I gave in to the nag screens and “upgraded” a perfectly good circa 2010 Dell Zino from Windows 7 to Windows 10.
    I had a number of issues — some I which I could fix (like the size of the screen on my TV shrinking and an old Netgear driver taking up lots of CPU time), and some of which I couldn’t (like increased lag from my wireless keyboard and slower performance in general).
    I rolled back to Windows 7, and most issues were resolved — except the no sound issue.
    So I ran devmgmt.msc, updated my AMD High Definition Audio Device driver, and uninstalled a “Conexant High Definition SmartAudio 221” driver (no update was available). Upon rebooting, Windows 7 reinstalled a generic “High Definition Audio Device” driver, and now I have my sound back!
    I appreciate your help. I also want to pay it forward and remind everyone to clone your Windows 7 hard drive before attempting an upgrade. Backing up your data files is not sufficient.

  • Guest

    still bro, my sound yet to fix after followed your instruction. Surfed some sites which tell this and that and try several methods, such as:
    1. via cmd: sfc /scannow
    2. download bass.dll & move it to system32
    3. updating driver (win10 says it has updated)
    4. updating windows manually (same, it says has been updated)
    5. try repairing registry with registryrepair.exe software

    might I missed one? restart maybe? which my windows ‘forgot’ to tell me.

    • Alex

      After three days of struggling I was able go back to my W8!!!!!!!!The sounds are there!

  • Toni

    After following instructions here I have my sound back but it’s so low that I can not hear it as it’s so faint. It’s fine on YouTube but Netflix or any other such programs volumn is so low I can’t hear the programs.

    • Susan

      HOW!!!!!!!!!!!! I hate 10

  • Dan

    I have tried all of those fixes and more. See below to no avail. But, my issue is only a loss of sound if I come out of sleep or hibernate on fresh install windows 10 on a brand new high end gaming rig. If I do a full boot or restart the sound comes back.

    I have searched high and low for a fix for this. I really don’t want to have to re-install windows again. But it seems some program is taking over control of the audio after sleep/hibernate and only releases it if you restart or come from a complete shutdown.

    I have re-installed audio drivers from my mobo ASUS VIII HERO. I have gone directly to Realtek and downloaded updated drivers. Full sweet, uninstalled and re-installed ten times now. I have also tried unchecking “Allow application to take exclusive control of this device” and “Give exclusive mode application priority” (advanced tab) to test it. Nope, didn’t change a darn thing.
    Nothing seems to fix this. If anyone figures this out, please post here!

    Also something I discovered Shift + Shutdown = true shutdown. Shutdown without holding the “shift” key goes to hibernate!
    Microsoft did that to make windows 10 “appear to boot faster”. Can you believe that crap? Talk about BS, smoke and mirrors.

  • Vinh

    Thanks, this really help me. My audio is back now.

  • Suzanne Bennett

    Hi Henry. The problem still hasn’t been fixed. My husband would like to go back to windows 7 (I previously thought it was windows 8) but the sound on skype doesn’t work as the up to date drivers don’t work. We even reinstalled the old drivers for skype but that didn’t work so it’s a catch 22. Does your sound work in skype on windows 8? Thanks for letting me know that we’re not the only one suffering! If the sound works on skype for windows 8.1, I will demand an installation from Microsoft until they can fix the big issue which doesn’t look like it will be sometime soon! Suzanne

  • Patty

    My sound just went out a day or two ago, not when I updated to Windows 10. I did do the recommended updates. I can actually hear a tiny bit of muffled sound when I use the test button, but I have really good hearing.

  • Manik

    Hey i am so happy the way explained in here is awesome and my volume is working now

  • Suzanne Bennett

    Hi. I just cannot get the sound back on my husband’s laptop. On the 14th July 2016 windows did an automatic update and since then, the sound does not work, not even on a headset. Three Microsoft Techs tried to fix the problem but failed. The last Tech reinstalled Windows 10, still to no effect. I’ve searched many forums, websites, tried everything but the problem is still there. We’re both very frustrated as to why Microsoft cannot rectify this problem. My husband originally did the free Windows 10 upgrade from Windows 8. He would like Windows 8 back but unfortunately, Microsoft blocked the sound on Skype therefore, it would be no good to revert back to Windows 8. I have Windows 8 on my laptop as I didn’t trust to put the free upgrade of Windows 10 on my laptop and it turns out I made the right decision. Is anyone else experiencing the same problem? I would very much appreciate your help and advice. Thanks Suzanne Bennett

    • Henry

      I have installed win 10 on my dell inspiron several times and have lost sound every time. luckily I was able to go back to 8.1 and have sound again. But every time I tried I tried reinstalling drivers sound etc followed all directions on help pages to no avail. I don’t know what will happen but i’m sticking with 8.1 it is just two much trouble to install and go back . I hope Microsoft fixes this problem someday, but until then I’m staying with 8.1 sorry I could not help but wanted you to know your not the only one.

    • rahul

      Just try to following methods-
      1. By using cammand moden type : sfc /scannow
      2. download the bass.dll & paste it to system32 folder
      3. updating driver (win10 says it has updated)
      4. updating windows manually (same, it says has been updated)
      5. try to repairing registry with registryrepair.exe software

    • bd

      Yes….this isn’t fixing the issue. Reboot, it plays and within a minutes the speaker audio stops. The audio is playing via audio output jack but not from the speakers.
      No solution yet other than a bluetooth speaker. Deleted
      Adobe Flash, Uninstalled audio drivers, re-booted PC and no change. It started after my last Win10 update.