Easy to Fix Youtube Not Working on Chrome

By Camilla Mo in Youtube Issues Tags: Google ChromeYoutube

Youtube videos won’t play on Chrome? Don’t worry. Use methods here then you can watch the videos again.

The issue can be caused by several reasons. Try each method until the problem is resolved.

Method 1: Close Chrome Using Task Manager

Force close Chrome then restart it. If you are not sure how to quit Chrome in Task Manager, refer steps below.

1) Open Control Panel.

2) Type Task Manager in the upper-right search box and click View running processes with Task Manager.

3) Select Chrome from the list of tasks, and click End Task.

4) Restart Chrome and check to see if the Youtube video plays.

Method 2: Configure Settings in Chrome

Visit Chrome settings and uncheck “Use hardware acceleration when available”. This method has worked for many Chrome users who were having the same issue like you. Follow steps below to change the settings.

1) Open Chrome.

2) At the upper-right corner, click More  then select Settings.

3) At the bottom, click Show advanced settings.

4) Scroll to System section. Uncheck Use hardware acceleration when available.

5) Restart Chrome and check to see if the Youtube video plays.

Method 3: Clear the Cache

If you have no idea how to clear the cache, follow these steps.

1) Open  Chrome.

2) Click More . Point to More tools and click Clear browsing data…

3) Ensure the checkbox next to Cookies and other site and plugin data and Cached images and files is ticked.

4) Obliterate the items from the beginning of time to delete all data.

5) Click Clear browsing data.

6) Restart Chrome and check to see if the Youtube video plays.


Method 4: Disable the extension that is causing the problem

Extensions can be the cause. Try to disable all extensions one by one to find out the extension that is causing the problem.

Follow steps below to disable the extensions.

1) Access Settings in Chrome.

2) Next to the extension, uncheck the box next to Enable. This is temporarily disable the extension. If you want to uninstall the extension, click Remove .

3) Check to see if the Youtube video plays.


Method 5: Uninstall then Reinstall Chrome

To resolve the problem, you can try to uninstall and reinstall Chrome. Before you uninstall the Chrome, you may want to export the bookmarks. And after reinstalling, you may want to import the bookmarks. Please see How to Export & Import Chrome Bookmarks.


Method 6: Update the Video Drivers

If there is problem with the video drivers, the error may occur. So you can try to update the video drivers.

You can download the latest video drivers from PC manufacturer’s website. Before you get started, ensure that you know the PC model and the version of Windows.

If you have difficulty downloading drivers manually, you can use Driver Easy to help you. Driver Easy can scan your computer to detect all problem drivers. Download the Free version to have a try. If you find it helpful, you can go Pro. The Pro version allows you to update all drivers with just one click.

Method 7: Switch to Another Browser

If above methods don’t work for you and you have to watch the Youtube video, you can use another browser like Firefox.

Hope you can watch the Youtube videos in Chrome again.

  • Svetoslav Krastev

    Thank you – it help – the 2-nd method 🙂

  • Justin Fockler

    firefox has too many plugins slowing the PC and internet down….always use Chrome or Edge……or be faced with more malware.

  • Alan J

    It’s the extension for the youtube flash player that’s the problem. None of the other extensions cause a problem except this one.

  • aayush gautam

    Thanks guys i was worried so much. Every time i opened my youtube it shows blank . You guys helped me a lot fixing this problem i really appreciate you guys . Once again thanks for the help keep on helping my best wishes are with you..

  • aayush gautam

    thankyou so much guyz i was worried about that my youtube shows blank everytime thanksfor the help and support keep on helping guys you made my day hats off to you….

  • Lenora Saul

    I removed the extension for flash player in youtube and it then worked

    • Joshua Herpolsheimer

      how did you do this?

  • Radha Krishna Parajuli

    my youtube opens, plays videos too. but i have another problem. the settings option in youtube, i mean, the tool we click in order to change the video quality, turn notifications on and off; that option is not working. the settings icon just rotate a bit, but doesnt open the menu. it happens only in chrome, but not in firefox. how can i fix this problem. I tried everything like removing cache and cookies, reinstalling chrome. i also reinstalled the windows (not because of this minor issue, but due to other reason) but the same issue continued. Do you have any solution for this?

  • odinsleep

    “If above methods don’t work for you and you have to watch the Youtube video, you can use another browser like Firefox.”

    that is not making it work in chrome now is it ?

    • Camilla Mo

      Hi odinsleep,

      This might be caused by chrome. Please try installing another browser and see if it works.

      • odinsleep

        what part of “using firefox is not making it work in chrome” do you not understand ?

        using a different browser is using a different browser, it is NOT making it work in google chrome.

        read slowly this time and have mommy help you with the big words.

        • aaroneichman

          You’re a jackass troll

          • odinsleep

            aaroneichman i may or may not be a troll, but what i said was the truth.

            so if i am a troll that makes you a troll that trolls other trolls ?

            either way aaron you are in the wrong.

            did you get your mommy to help you write your rebuttal ?

            i stand by what i said earlier, telling people to use a diff browser is NOT getting it to work in chrome. shame the facts are a problem for you.