If this is the first time you ever seen this when booting your Windows 10, you might get scared to death, thinking that maybe your brand new computer is in some sort of trouble that it cannot get out of. 

Usually, this notification will go away if you wait long enough with patience for it to go away. But not seeing the problem does not mean that this problem does not exist. You might want to know if it reflects some sort of other problem with your computer. 

Actually, the All your files are exactly where you left them is usually accompanied by some other messages: 

  • Hi.
  • We’ve Updated your computer
  • All your files are right where you’ve left them
  • We’ve got some new features to get excited about 

As mentioned above, there is no need for you to worry too much about it, since your computer will start in a few minute. All you need is a little bit of patience for this whole process to complete. 

This problem has been reported by users for almost a year, but Microsoft has not yet released a statement or clarification telling its users not to panic when notification like this occurs, which is pretty unbelievable. 

Some users report that some of their files, programs and applications disappear after they see this notification. If your programs and applications are deleted or removed, just re-download and re-install them all over again. You can get the latest version of the programs and applications to avoid any unwanted hassles by using the latest version too. 

We didn’t actually run into this issue with the November update (also called Anniversary Updates) ourselves, but we’ve seen many reports of it and know people who have. Unless Microsoft changes its mind, Windows 10’s big updates will continue to automatically uninstall various programs without any notice in the future. Microsoft should be a bit more transparent about this, explaining when Windows does this and telling users when programs have been uninstalled. 

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