When you buy PS4  console, you can also get a DualShock 4 controller. DualShock 4 controller is good for play games and has more advantages than DualShock 3 controller and the earlier PS controllers. But what if it doesn’t work for some reason? What if you just get used to your PS3 controller? I’ll say just use your PS3 controller instead. I assume you agree with me. In this article, you’ll learn how to use PS3 controller on PS4 step by step.

Is PS3 controller compatible with PS4?

After reading other articles and forums, you may be suspicious of PS3 controller’s compatibility with PS4. Most of them mention that PS3 controller is not compatible with PS4. How can you make it work on PS4? Unfortunately, they’re right. PS3 controller is not compatible with PS4.

When PS4 was launced in 2013, the president of Sony Worldwide Studios, Shuhei Yoshida, had stated that PS4 doesn’t support the DualShock 3. One reason is the DualShock 4 has incorporated a lot of feature that the 3 simply doesn’t have, for example, the touch screen. Another reason is that the PS4 doesn’t compatible with many PS3 games. The good news is you still can use PS3 controller to play games on PS4 console. Read on to find out how to do that.

How do you use PS3 controller on PS4?

You can use PS3 controller on PS4 by simply using a controller converter. After PS4 was launched, some companies had started to think about how to make it possible for gamers to use their favourite game controllers on any console. Then they developed controller adapters. A controller adapter not only allows you to use your favourite controller on any console but also saves you bunch of money on buying new controllers.

You can find different brand controller adapters on line. Just purchase the one you like by comparing with them. If you’re not sure which brand you can purchase, or don’t want to spend much time on searching, I’ll recommend Cronusmax Plus and Brook. They’re not expensive and friendly to use. 

Use PS3 controller on PS4 with Cronusmax Plus

Firstly, you need to purchase a Cronusmax Plus controller adapter. You can purchase it on Amazon.com: CronusMax Plus Cross Cover Gaming Adapter.

Secondly, Download Cronus Pro. They will keep updating the software. The download link here is available to download the latest version of Cronus Pro. After download completes, double-click the setup file to install the software on your PC. For more information about how to install the program, you can see the Quick Start Guide on Cronusmax website.

Some antivirus tools like Norton may report a false positive when you try to install the software. This is due to the encryption algorithm they use according to Cronusmax Plus website. When you encounter this issue, please do not worry. You can temporarily disable the antivirus when you pair the PS3 controller to PS4.

Thirdly, configure settings on Cronus Pro:

1) Connect the Cronusmax Plus controller to your PC with USB cable. 

2) Open Cronus Pro on your PC.

3) Click Tools in top menu bar and select Options…  

4) Go to Device tab. Under Output Protocol, select AUTOMATIC. Under Speed Up Settings, check Inframe Out and 1ms Response. Under Rumble Over Bluetooth, select DISABLED. Then click the Close button.

5) Go to CMax Plus tab. Under CMax Plus Configurations, check Enable PS4 Partial crossover support. Then click the Close button.

IMPORTANT: Ensure this option (Enable PS4 Partial crossover support) is checked. If you need to use PS3 controller or other brand controllers on PS4 with Cronusmax Plus, you must enable this option. PS4 will detect the controller every 10 minutes. This option will let PS4 pass the detection. You’ll get message notifying you the disconnection and reconnection while playing games. Please do not worry when this happens. Just ignore the message . Your game process will still run smoothly.

6) Remove the Cronusmax Plus from your computer.

Fourthly, pair the controller:

If you wish to play games with wired PS3 controller, follow steps below:

1) Insert the Cronusmax Plus to your PS4 console.

2) Connect your Cronusmax Plus to your PS3 controller with USB cable. When you see the LED 1 on your PS3 controller light, and the display screen on CronusMax Plus show “0“, it means the controller is paired successfully. 

3) Check to see if  you can use the PS3 controller to play games on the PS4 console.

If you prefer to use wireless PS3 controller, follow steps below:

1) Prepare a bluetooth adapter.

2) Insert the Cronusmax Plus to your PS4 console.

3) Insert the bluetooth adapter to the Cronusmax Plus. 

4) Press the PS button on PS3 controller. Then you’ll see the four LED of the controller flash quickly.

5) When you see the LED1 on your PS3 controller light, and the display screen on CronusMax Plus show “0“, it means the controller is paired successfully.

6) Check to see if you can use the controller to play games.

Use PS3 controller on PS4 with Brook

The other controller you can use is Brook converter. The connection process is simpler than Cronusmax Plus’s. Follow steps below:

The steps apply to wire PS3 controller and wireless PS3 controller.

1) You need to have a Brook converter. Brook have distributors around the world. You can purchase the converter on Amazon.com: Brook Super Converter PS3 to PS4.

2) Insert the Brook converter to your PS4 console. 

3) Connect your PS3 controller to the Brook converter with a USB cable.

4) When you see the LED 1 of the PS3 controller lights, it means the connection completes. Then remove the USB cable.

5) Check to see if you can play games with your PS3 controller on the PS4.

Hopefully the tips help you use PS3 controller on PS4 console successfully. If you have any questions, please leave your comment. I’d to hear of any ideas and comments.

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