Fix Lenovo WiFi error: No Appropriate Driver to be Installed

By Camilla Mo in Common ErrorsTechnical Tips

When you are trying to install WiFi driver in Lenovo laptops, if you meet error “No Appropriate Driver to be Installed”, it’s possible that the driver you intend to install doesn’t contain the right one for your Wireless Card.

To resolve the problem, you need to find a correct driver for your Wireless Card.


You can go to Lenovo’s website to find the driver again. To locate the right driver, you have to know exactly your system information and the detailed information of the Wireless Card. You still need to determine which version you can use.


In case you get the wrong driver again, you can use Driver Easy to help you find the driver automatically. Driver Easy will identify all problem drivers in your computer. It will find the new WiFi driver for you. Then you can use it to download and install the driver.

If Drive Easy does not help fix this problem, you can contact us for further assistance. 

  • Aman kumar bharti

    wifi netwark is not working please help me
    model number Lenovo G50-45
    oprating systam-64 bit

  • dhruv

    after update WiFi driver my WiFi not showing my lenovo g5080 how to fix plzz help

  • Sameer Khan

    I reinstalled windows 8 on my lenovo laptop. I’m trying to reinstall the wlan drivers but it’s saying no appropriate driver to be installed. Please help

    • nipun

      just enable wifi in dos bios
      1) restart system
      2)press f2 immediatly
      3) now setup bios will display
      4) enable wifi
      and restart system
      your wifi will work successful

      • Renato Albuquerque

        Congratilations! Resolved!

      • Vishal Kumar

        It’s already enabled.

      • Ariel Gamez

        Muchas gracias!

  • Nikhil

    please help me sir ,my lenovo 80E3 g50-45 also have same problem,i had downloaded driver from its official site but it still showing same error

  • gururaj

    Im also facing the same problem.
    my laptop is lenovo g50-70 500gb HD
    2gb RAM,i3 processor..

    • camilla mo

      Dear gururaj,

      Have you tried using Driver Easy to help update the drivers?

      • gururaj


        • camilla mo

          Dear gururaj,

          Would you please take a screen shot of the error and provide us with your system information through Driver Easy Feedback form?

  • Ramkumar

    HI Team,When i try to install WLAN driver.the following error will appear “no appromiate driver to be installed”
    How i can fix this issue

    • camilla mo

      Dear Ramkumar,

      Would you please provide your operating system, PC model and the name of the driver file you used to install?

      • Rusideb

        Windows 7
        Lenovo g50-70
        Wifi driver

        • Camilla Mo

          Hi Rusideb,

          If you have difficulty in downloading and installing drivers manually, I recommend using Driver Easy. It detects, downloads and installs the drivers you need to update.