If you are a Netflix user, it is possible you meet an error saying you are “unable to connect to Netflix“. This error usually happens when your Netflix is loading. And then it blocks you from watching the videos in the application.

If you see an “unable to connect to Netflix” error, you can try the methods below.

1) Sign out of Netflix

Sometimes the error can result from issues on your Netflix account. You can try signing out of your account in Netflix. After that, log in your account again and see if the problem resolves.

2) Relaunch Netflix

There may be some mistakes occurring in your Netflix application that lead to the error. You can just close the application down and then re-open it. Then you can check and see if the app is able to load normally this time.

3) Restart your device

Maybe it is your device that is the cause of the “unable to connect to Netflix” error. It is recommended that you have a complete restart of your device to fix this issue. To do so, follow the steps below.

a) Turn off your device you use to watch Netflix completely, and then unplug its power cable.

b) Leave your device for a couple of minutes.

c) Plug the power cable back and turn on your device. Now launch Netflix and see if the error is gone.

4) Restart your network

It is also possible that the error comes from defective network connection. You need to ensure your device is properly connected to the Internet in order for Netflix to load correctly.

In fact, you can try restarting your network devices, like your router and modem. In many cases, it is an effective method to deal with network connection problems.

a) Completely power off all your devices, including your router, modem and the device you use to watch Netflix.

b) Unplug their power cables and leave them for a couple of minutes.

c) Plug the power cables back and turn on your router and modem. Wait until their indicator lights starts blinking on as normal.

d) Power your device on and open your Netflix app. If this method is helpful, you will not see the “unable to connect to Netflix” error again,

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