Many Windows users complained that, “System error 5 has occurred. Access is denied.” error pops up in the command prompt window when they try to run some commands. If you also encounter such error, no worry any more! Cause this error can be fixed super-easily. Please go on with the easy steps with images. You would find the error be solved in just one second!  Many users usually open Command Prompt by just clicking it from Start menu, but run some commands that need administrator privileges, System error 5 has occurred error here shows up then. Thus we should run the command prompt as administrator when running these commands. For Windows 7 users: 1) Find and right-click Command Prompt. Then choose Run as administrator. 2) Click Yes when prompted by User Account Control. For Windows 10/8/8.1 users: 1) Press Windows key key together to open quick-access menu. Then find and click Command Prompt(Admin). 2) Click Yes when prompted by User Account Control. That’s it! Any questions please feel free to leave your comment below, thanks.
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